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Hey Guys,

I hope everyone is well, living life and making their dreams a reality.

I was just watching the above video on Youtube and had to share it with you lovely people 🙂


Just to let y’all know, I’ve been busy behind the scenes writing my book and I’m about 50% complete 😉 I will do a free version to give you guys an insight. As stated before, it will be along the lines of self improvement, self motivation and living a better quality of life through changing your psyche and state of mind.

My goal is to help people live a happier life in anyway that I can.

I have to be honest though, I haven’t found it easy as I am now also working full time, currently through the process of moving home and sorting out some personal issues – But that is life…

I’ve also upgraded my Apple Mac Computer that has a HD camera for shooting Youtube videos for 2016 – I’ve always wanted my own Youtube channel and look forward to creating some footage along side this blog.

So lot’s of goodies in the pipe line my people…

P.S – Follow me on Facebook for daily updates, quotes and extra motivation – I’m trying to get to 10,000 likes before next Summer 😉

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That’s me for today – Enjoy the video and keep making your dreams a reality.

Much Love

David Richards



Hey Guys,

This is just a quick thank you to those that are following, liking and showing me love. I’m just a normal guy like everyone else who decided to make a website based around life & fitness (the two things I love) and it seems to be doing really well (better than I anticipated to be honest). I’m motivated even more knowing that there is an interest in what I have to say and that people actually like reading what I write 🙂

I’m so busy these days but I refuse to let that stop me from doing what I love. I will continue to learn so I can continue to educate.

Thanks to everyone following me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Thank you if you are reading this right now…I’m just getting started!

Much Love