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Since the last video I posted on Law of Attraction, it seems a lot of you are already clued up about the topic. However, there are those of you who came into that sort of information for the first time upon watching the video and it appears you want to learn more on the subject as it is quite interesting and leaves you with lot’s to think about 😀

Today I invite you all to listen to this short Mp3 clip taken from Earl Nightingales:

“The Strangest Secret”

Although short, the information contained within this Mp3 will hopefully open your eyes to another side of life – Another side of life which we deserve to know about…

I’m not here to discuss Law of Attraction with sceptics… I’m simply here to relay information which has helped me greatly within my life, my families life, my friends who are conscious, and a whole list of celebrities including Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan and Will Smith who in my opinion were/are the best at what they do and have generated a mass amount of wealth via their success.

For those who are interested in the subject and want more information or simply want to discuss the topic further, please do not hesitate to contact me.

REMEMBER – An Idea/Thought + Intention + Attention = Results

We all deserve to live a truly joyful and blissful life – Let’s get together and focus on making it happen!

Much Love and Peace to You ALL