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Hey Guys,

How are we all doing on this fine Friday! I hope everybody is doing well and making their dreams a reality.

I’m just passing by quickly to share this video with you all. Around here we are all about improvements and pushing forward in life.

I wish everyone a great weekend wherever you are reading from!

Stay healthy, Keep Positive and Much Love to You All!

David Richards




Hey Guys,

For those of you who drink whey protein, what do you make of this poster?

Hemp Protein vs Whey Protein

It’s defiantly a new area of study for me as all I know is whey protein like some of you, so I will get to researching and do a write up about what I find.

For now, I invite those of you interested in the debate to do some research with me and we can see what we come up with.

In life, it’s all about being open minded as an open mind will allow you to explore new ideas, concepts, suggestions and anything new.

Although I’ve taken whey protein for the last 3 years, I’m open to looking into other avenues if it means an overall improvement to my health.

Love to you all and I’ll be back soon 🙂