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Hello Hello Hello,
How is everybody doing out there. I hope you’re all doing well and loving the brighter side of life 🙂
I’m currently 3 days into my 90 day diet leading up to the WBFF European championships so my carbs have dropped quite a bit but I’m looking forward to seeing how I can change my body again in 90 days (A separate post to come)
Other than that I’m all well. I’m trying to practice what I teach to others by getting as much as I can out of life everyday whilst I’m alive and this has led me on a direct route to happiness. You may want to try this route…
Anyways, let’s get into the good stuff and what you came here for. This weeks quote is:
“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later”
I’m a strong believer in this quote here. It totally makes sense to me in all aspects of my life now. The work that we put in today will pay off at some point down the line (Never try to figure out when though – this is key)
People easily get discouraged when they do something and don’t see instant results. We live in a society where everyone wants things to manifest instantly. I too can be like this sometimes and maybe even yourself or someone you know. I suppose it’s human nature.
It’s not a bad thing I guess but patience is essential if we want to strike the right balance between doing and receiving/seeing.
Once you understand the Law of patience and the Law of time, it becomes easier to identify when you’re not being patient and as a result causing yourself unnecessary stress and anxiety.
A perfect example of the time/patience principle is when looking at training/eating and seeing results.
How many times have you heard of or even come across yourself, someone who hasn’t stuck to clean eating/smart training. They quit half way through a new program because they haven’t learnt to exercise patience properly. I believe this happens  not due to laziness or lack of will power but the lack of education or knowledge even on preparing the mind. What do I mean by this?
You see, when you start a new program that last let’s say 12 weeks plus, you need to change your state of mind.
“Change starts from within”
It’s like going into a battle thinking happy thoughts…It doesn’t make sense does it. If someone is going into a battle, there state of mind should be geared towards war and all things related (well you think that would be the case anyway). The same applies to dieting/training or any other aspect of your life.
Metaphorically speaking, let’s say you start at point A in the alphabet and the goal you set was at point Z. Every clean meal you eat & every training session you complete with 100% effort you move up the alphabet getting closer to Z. Can you see that by remaining strong and sticking to the program you get closer and closer to Z every time even if you can’t see Z ahead of you.
Essentially what your doing here is planting your seed at point A and watering it everyday travelling up the alphabet until you get to point Z (reaching your goal).
Balance is needed between taking everyday as it comes (enjoying the journey) and seeing the bigger picture when you get disheartened half way through. EVERYTHING IS BALANCE.
So remember folks:
“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later”
Peace and Love to you all and may your harvest come to you in abundance.
Have a great week and don’t let no one stop you from smiling 🙂
David Richards
Quotes by:  Og Mandino/David Richards


Hey Guys,

The below happens to be a Facebook post I posted earlier, but I thought it had a good message and wanted to share it with those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

When people decide there going to diet they set themselves a time scale of let’s say 16-20 weeks.That’s all good, however, did you know that it takes on average 21 days to settle into a routine.The same applies to dieting/nutrition. When you start a new eating plan, you don’t just adjust to it the day you start, it takes a while for you to get used to the new pattern of eating.

Say for example you decide to go on a low carb diet…There’s no more of this buying quick snacks when you’re out. You will realise that most places don’t sell protein only foods so you now have to make the adjustments to your day and start prepping your food.

During the first 4 weeks you’re in what I call the adjustment stage and in the process of building the foundation for the weeks to come.

So in theory your 20 weeks becomes 16 weeks dieting and 4 weeks adjusting…

16 weeks becomes 12 weeks dieting and 4 weeks adjusting…

Even worst if you’ve only given yourself 12 weeks as you’ll be cutting it short to only 8 weeks!

Giving yourself only 8 weeks to shed a load of body fat put’s your body in a vulnerable position as you risk loosing precious hard earned muscle and voluntarily jump on the fast track to skin and bone, LOL, I’m serious.

I’ve seen guys do 1 hour cardio in the morning and 1 hour in the evening, eating next to nothing and all for the love of abs and the summer holiday that’s shortly around the corner.

But you see 8 weeks down the line, although they find that they have the abs they were after, they also have a nice set of rib bones to compliment them…OUCH. Don’t be this guy… I was close to becoming him but learnt the hard way never the less.

This can all be avoided guys if you plan ahead of time!

I’ve been making this mistake since I first started training…Don’t do the same!