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We made it guys, the New Year is here and already we are 9 days in. Time really waits for no man.

The New Year is always a time for a fresh new start. The energy is powerful in January as the majority of the world are focused on making a new start. However, once February approaches that energy dies down as people easily loose focus on their goals or New Year resolutions. You may know someone this has happened to or even experienced it yourself.

When people set goals they tend to see the bigger picture which is what motivates them to get started in the first place and this is a good thing. For example, if you are 2 stones over weight, the bigger picture for you would be the lost of the 2 stones and a new you. However, the bigger picture can also work against you. Why you may ask?

Well, when you see the bigger picture originally you can’t wait to get stuck in right? A new you sounds great. But I find that once people get started, the bigger picture becomes too big for them and they loose vision as they can’t possibly see a way they will get there. This is why breaking down your goals is so important and I will discuss that in another post.

Today though, I want to talk about a subject most of us have faced in life or will face in life. I think it’s only right I share my story so you can see that we all go through the same things. That leads me to today’s quote of the week:

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”

The reason why I chose this quote today is because I have come across PLENTY of people recently who are starting out at something new and are already being hard on themselves from the get go.

My Story


Pizza Eating, Ice-Cream drinking – LOL – Never again

An example is when I first started going to the gymnasium. I was out of shape, unhealthy and wanted to look like one of those dudes on the front cover of Mens Health and Fitness. I love my food and was still eating unhealthily when I first signed up. Back then I knew nothing about staying fit and healthy. I had no knowledge on Nutrition and would order a Chinese, Indian or Pizza at my disposal. What makes it even worst is I worked part time at Domino’s pizza back then and was “very” cool with the manager. Very cool as in free pizza after every shift LOL (with sides)

It’s funny because it’s true hehehe…

Anyway, I had a good 8 years bad eating under my belt and wanted to go from Mr tub to Mr Stud over night.

“You don’t get from A-Z in one go – You have to go through the rest of the alphabet”

It’s the same with anything really. If you want to get good at something or you are trying to achieve something from life, you have to grind, graft, hustle and put that work in… PERIOD!

Work has to be put in, in order to see a result…

I’m sure you’ve all heard it before: 

Cause and effect & You reap what you sow – It’s all Universal Law folks…

Yet, you see so many people who want the results for free so to speak. It either cost them too much time or effort…

If only it was that easy. If it was, we would all be success in this life time. The difference between a successful person and a person who isn’t successful is the cost they pay – Not necessarily money either…


I kept Going…

The journey to success has to start from somewhere. Don’t beat yourselves up. I use to beat myself up when I first started going to the gym. My previous self dialogue went a little something like this:

“David, why are you so fat”? 

“Why are you going to the gym, you’re wasting your time – Go eat a pizza”

“Damn you’re weak, you can’t even lift this weight”

It’s quite clear I didn’t love myself back then and I had to go through that stage in order to know and love myself. 

To all my guys out there now going to the gym and they’re new to this game – Please drop your ego and know that you don’t have to try and lift heavy weight because the guy next to you is. Ego lifting will get you hurt. You, like everyone else has to start from somewhere in order to build up your strength. 

Women who are new mothers – Don’t ever judge yourself and think your a bad Mum because you don’t get some things right…

~YOUR A NEW MUM – You’re a special Mother with a special little creation to look after. Enjoy the new journey and path you have embarked on~

I am able to approach people like this because I have gone through similar things myself (not the baby part of course LOL)

The more the days go pass and the more I look and reflect on my past, I can see the magical path I have been travelling on (I was blind at the time though)


What self image have you created for yourself?
Are you the cat looking at the lion or are you sadly looking at it the other way round…


Me not loving myself was the magic on the path that has now allowed me to learn to love myself and help others in hand to love themselves – Can you identify the magic?

Me living a life with a poisonous self image of myself has allowed me to identify that image, re-create it into something beautiful and to help others identify their image and to re-create it also if necessary – Can you identify the magic?

I’ve now seen how Life and the Universe really works…

At the time of going through these situations (I used to call them heart breaking at the time) no way did I know the reason for them. This is why I say, when something happens, DO NOT look for the reason – You will just drive yourself crazy (again, talking from experience)

~Let life flow and the reason will be revealed when the time is right~

That’s why when I’m now faced with a sticky situation, I

1) Take a deep slow breath

2) Face whatever it is

3) Make peace with it there and then (Move through anger and negative emotions, never let them consume you)

4) Know that not only will it make me stronger person, but a person that will be able to share the story one day

Just like I’m doing now 🙂

I could keep typing but I feel I have put across today’s message (I hope LOL)

I will be covering a lot more fitness and nutrition related issues this year but I’ve felt recently that “life” issues in regards to the state of mind and humanity as a whole have became more of a priority for me. 

What good is living if you don’t love yourself LOL – I make a joke out of it now only to lighten the energy but it is a serious matter not to be played with.



Really focus your attention on making 2014 the year of the change (whatever the change may be)

It’s your life, your thoughts, your reality and your time to shine…

My Love, Energy and Blessings goes out to you all.


David Richards


Quotes by: Lao Tzu & David Richards



Hello to all my wonderful readers,

Firstly, thank you for your patience over the last 2 weeks while I’ve been away sorting out a few bits and pieces behind the scenes. I now have the time to continue with weekly blogging and will get round to answering all your emails throughout the week.

I hope everyone’s been well though and enjoying life. A lot of crazy things going on in the world right now so we gotta give thanks for our blessings and be grateful for everyday that we are alive. Like I say all the time, enjoy and love life because it’s way to short to not be lived. Tell all your loved ones that you love them, go out and do what you love, make your dream a reality and live it. “The world is yours and everything in it”…Always remember that.

Anyway, it’s only right we kick start the week of with a motivational Quote, so here goes:

“One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals”

I am a firm believer in this quote. By setting goals, we know on a conscious and subconscious level that we are going to have to take some form of action before we can see results. We don’t get anywhere by keeping still in life, movement is a vital part of both creation and existence. You have to get up and put the work in.

But let me ask you a question, what happens in a situation where you’ve reached the goal you’ve been working towards?

Do you:

A) Stop there, your comfortable as it is

B) Make the goal bigger and keep pushing forward

C) Come up with some new goals and keep it moving

I feel that goals give us something to work towards in life, and upon reaching them, I believe we can call ourselfs successful.

My definition of success is when someone sets themselves a task and sticks to it through thick and thin, ups and downs, sun or rain.

Everyday trying to reach your goal is going to be a test of character. You will face challenges that will make you question why your even trying to chase whatever it is your chasing – But it’s at times like these that we’ve got to keep strong and remember why we set the goal in the first place.

Ask yourself  “How badly do I really want this, and what am I willing to sacrifice to make it happen”

You will come across people who will tell you that your dreams are to big. You will come across people that will tell you your not being realistic about what you are trying to achieve. (Stop telling people your dreams, their to big for anyone but you)

Let’s face it, you will come across a lot of negative energy…However, by preparing yourself for these bumps on the journey and changing your perspective on how you see things, you can then view any challenge as a “Test of Character” or what I call (TOC) and look at them positively…

View it as something that will make you stronger by teaching you valued life lessons.

The key is to be satisfied but never too comfortable. This strikes a harmonic balance where you are happy with what you have accomplished but still hungry for more.

“It’s like eating a meal, eat until you are satisfied, never bloated. This way, your always hungry ready for more”

Thank you for reading as always and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week 🙂

Much Love

David Richards


Quotes by: Michael Korda/David Richards