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11 weeks out. Just had a fantastic session. Chest and Shoulders took a good beating. When I go to the gym tomorrow morning I will work the 3 heads of the shoulder individually to bring out some more detail and separation.

For Chest I mixed it up today and done the following:

Flat Bench Dumbell Flies 3 x 20 reps – 10kg
Incline Smith Machine Press 5 x 15 reps – 30kg
Incline Dumbell Flies 4 x 8-10 reps – Starting from 26kg and going up 2kg each set
Cable Flies – 4 x 15reps – 30kg

For Shoulders I just kept it simple and used the Shoulder press machine (my shoulders are still recovering but I’m just grateful I can train them again)

Tomorrow morning the Back, Delts and abs will get a working. If I got time I will throw in some light cardio.

Now time for some dinner. On the menu today we have some curry chicken with mixed sea food, broccoli and avocado. I would have some coriander leaves but I can’t find them…I know, random.

Keep pushing and you to can reach your goals. Break them down into chunks and take everyday as it comes.

Much love to you all


Day 60 of 90 – As promised here are the latest progress pics. I’m standing a bit further back in this one and never realised until I uploaded the photo but still gives you an indication of how much body fat has been dropped. I’ve lost some size since my shoulder injury and dropping my carbs to low so I’m going to add another carb day and see how things push on. MRI scan next week will confirm what damage has been done and what steps to take for a full recovery.

On the plus side I got 130kg on Squats today 5 reps two sets – I didn’t even plan to push that kinda weight but let’s just say I had someone with me who INSISTED I came out of my comfort zone, LOL, thanks Matt.

To be continued…