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They say anything is possible right? If so, why do we always find ourselves saying we”can’t” do this or we “can’t” do that? Please allow me to invite you as I share this weeks blog post:

I Can’t do it syndrome” 

What does it really mean when we as a people say we cannot do something?

I’ve found that over the years since I started personal training that many of my clients would claim that they couldn’t do something without even trying first? This could be anything from  a new exercise movement, to lifting heavier weight  or even starting a new food plan.

I find it interesting that we sometimes feel we cannot do something without attempting it first…

When being faced with a new challenge the majority of us have this pre conceived misconception that we cannot do what is being asked of us?

Where does this stem from? Could it be self doubt on a sub conscious level or a lack of self esteem even?

I’m afraid I don’t have the answers to this (yet), however, what I do have is a list of exercises/things you can do to help you when you find yourself saying “I can’t”.

Before I continue, let me start by saying this:

“If you believe you cannot do something then you are right, you cannot do it. Start believing you can do it however and you will open up the door to a world of possibilities”

I sometimes always think about the new goals I want to accomplish and  find that at times I sit there thinking about the end result (the future) so much so that I start to believe that what I want to accomplish isn’t possible.

Just through the thoughts I’ve created in my head, I’ve come up with this false reality which may never happen.

By focusing to much on the future and the end goal (not living in the present) we start to create situations which don’t exist and this leads to “I can’t do this” or “I can’t do that”…

Can you see the pattern?

The list below are exercises/things which I practice to help me get through the “I can’t do it syndrome”.

The “I can’t do it” syndrome help list

1) Stop saying I can’t! – Further more, take can’t out of your vocabulary period. We’re all trying to move forwards in our life and the word can’t has no place for those of us moving towards success. The moment you say you can’t do something you subconsciously place yourself in that false reality.

2) Look how far you’ve come already – Look at where you are in life today! We’ve all had our share of ups n downs in life but yet you are here today reading this now strong as ever. Remember the tough times you have had to come through when you are next faced with a challenge. No challenge is ever to big for you. Focus your energy on what needs to be done and do it. No excuses.

3) Present Moment vs Future Moment – As I explained earlier, by creating future scenarios in your mind which don’t exist, you create anxiety which causes stress and a whole heap of headache. Let your mind wander when you find you’re thinking into the future too much or dwelling on the past even.


4) Small Steps – Take small steps, one step at a time. We believe we can’t do something when it’s bigger than us and that’s reasonable logic. I have come to learn that breaking stuff down is vital and essential in order to get past the I can’t syndrome. A 12 week goal for example can be broken down into:

Week 1-4

Week 4-8

Week 8-12

From here you can break it down even further into days, hours etc

5) Go easy – It’s one thing demanding excellence within your day to day life –  But to be too hard on yourself for then making a mistake or a small screw up does you no good mentally. It’s crazy because, people do so well in life and upon the smallest mistake they make they start throwing around “I can’t do this any more” – Does this sound like you?

6) Question the statement!

“I can’t diet for 20 weeks”

“I can’t complete a 4 year university course”

“I can’t be a good mother/father”

“I can’t, I can’t, I can’t”


Question yourself until you find an answer as to “WHY”  you believe you cannot do something and you may find that your answer surprises you. Try it out maybe?

7) Self Talk – Some call these affirmations (well they are) but we’ll stick with self talk for today. When you feel the can’t word tying to pop it’s little head up, say to yourself:







The louder you say it the better! Wanna step things up a notch? Try looking in the mirror whilst doing it. You might feel silly at first (very likely actually LOL) but just be conscious to the fact that you are doing something to help with your self development

We will find ourselves in situations that seem impossible to tackle but just remember to take your time, break down whatever it is you’re trying to do and NEVER be to hard on yourself!

You are special and YOU can do anything it is you put your mind to! NO-ONE can ever take that away from you…





Hey guys,

How is everybody this week? I hope you’re all doing well. I’ve had a few emails from some of you asking me about goal setting and the difficulty you’re having in achieving your goals due to a lack of motivation and the feeling of giving up and going down the lazy route.

I can assure you, you don’t want to go down this road!

I find that nine times outta ten people are ambitious and strive to do well but the feeling of being demotivated all the time and the failure to prepare holds them back greatly. This brings me to today’s quote:

“The will to succeed is important, but what’s more important is the will to prepare”

It’s all good wanting to do well in life and striving for success but in order to reach that success we must first learn and appreciate “The Law of Preparation” 

Let’s first look at a few definitions of the word “Preparation“:

1) A proceeding, measure, or provision by which one prepares forsomething: preparations for a journey

2) Any proceeding, experience, or the like considered as a mode of preparing for the future.

3) An act of preparing.

4) The state of being prepared.

5) Something prepared, manufactured, or compounded: a special preparation for sunbathers.

The famous quote comes to mind by Benjamin Franklin:

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” – A quote I have used many times

Failing to prepare from the start is likely to end with the exact same ending….failure. You lack direction when you fail to prepare and a lack of direction will soon see you on the road to “no where”.

Picture a pilot with a plane full of passengers scheduled to travel to Miami. If air control fail to plan a route for the pilot, it’s trouble for all the passengers and all the staff onboard.

The same can be said for those of us travelling in life with no direction. Although many of us work 9-5s, study or are self employed and are deemed as “doing well”, we still collectively as individuals feel lost and question “what is life all about”.

It’s not uncommon to hear more people questioning life these days and questioning what their purpose is for being here. People what to know why they exist and this leads them to start questioning their future and the unknown.

It’s the not knowing which leaves us in fear as we fear the unknown. It’s easy to create anxiety by not knowing because we try to think of all the possible outcomes of what “could” happen in any given situation and what we would do “if” that situation manifested. Creating scenarios in our heads which may never  occur and then worrying about those scenarios is “madness” and will leave us exactly that…”mad”. That’s what crazy people do right…Create scenarios in their head which don’t exist…A false reality!

That’s why I always suggest people live in the present (the right now). By living in the present moment you deal with situations as of when they occur. You acknowledge the future but you don’t live in it. The past is “behind us”. If we are aiming to move forward in life we have no need to “look back” at the past as it is “behind us” and are aim isn’t to move back but forwards in life.

Once we learn how to live in the present moment we can really start setting goals that shape our future. We learn how to control our thoughts and become aware that we are not our thoughts or emotions. Once you acknowledge this your purpose for being here becomes clearer as you identify with your feelings and learn how to follow your heart and intuition.

Your future goals will be based on what your heart truly desires thus giving you motivation to achieve them rather than striving for a goal based around material wealth (the mind’s goal).


Material wealth can only keep a man happy for so long before his soul becomes empty. Money and designer brands are an illusion to keep the ego happy. You are not your ego so essentially the money and designer brands aren’t making “you” happy at heart. A Gucci bag, LV purse, new BMW, pay rise, new TV or any material isn’t going to keep you happy long term. Look at how much millionaire celebs turn to drugs and are unhappy in life trying to fill emptiness…

Saying that though, in some situations money can buy happiness. I beleive using materialistic wealth as a motivator in helping you achieve your goals is OK as long as you don’t make materialistic wealth your ONLY goal in life and the reason you wake up everyday.

It’s up to us as individuals what route we decide to take in life. You can be organised, sufficient and always true to your word OR you can be un-organised, turn up late and unreliable.

What’s it gonna be?

Quote by: Bobby Knight/David Richards

Quote of the Week

Posted: Jun 27, 2013 in Motivation
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Hey folks,

I hope everyone is well. I’ve missed not blogging for the last 2 weeks and everyone’s been asking where I’ve been. As some of you are aware, I’ve been having a few difficulties with my eye sight for a little over a week now and was advised by the opticians to not go anywhere near a PC/Laptop and avoid watching TV also to give my eyes a rest. Things aren’t 100% but I feel good to continue blogging and connecting with you guys.

This weeks quote is influenced by the recent experience I’ve gone through and I feel a lot of you can learn from it also.

Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.”

How true is the above quote – The future is promised to no one!

So many times in life we put things of until tomorrow, next week or even next month and we’ve all done it at one point in our life.

It could be the smallest thing, from cleaning your bedroom to revision/coursework, reaching a deadline or even starting a new diet plan.

As humans we have a tendency to either live in the past or  the future, never really in the present – What do I mean by this?

Let’s use setting goals as an example. Far to many times I see people setting goals (which is a good thing by the way), however, their focus is on the end result too much. Rather than them enjoying the journey each day (the present) and learning from their experience on that journey, they get to wrapped up on tomorrow. When this happens, you take the fun out of reaching your goals and it becomes task rather than something you look forward to doing each day.

Let’s now use past relationships as an example – If you’ve ever had the misfortune of having your heart broken or been through a painful experience with a previous partner, this is an experience which happened in the past right (yesterday). However, you could move on to meet someone new but because of the pain you’ve gone through previously, you automatically go into autopilot and your guard is up to protect you from any hurtful feelings.

This is understandable and a natural defence system as a human being, however, imagine if that person was right for you, but because of the past, you was blocked yourself from future happiness…It happens so often.

There is no manual to life which I think is exciting because, you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Further more, we don’t even know if where going to live to see tomorrow which is why “We must go for it now”

If you like someone, go tell them now, what are you waiting for you? They may meet someone else and your chance is gone. Take the opportunity when it is in front of you!

If you plan to start loosing weight, don’t wait until the 1st of a new month or the start of a new week, go for it now. The sooner you start, the sooner you are to your goal which is a added bonus.

I’ve said it before, “The present is a gift” – If you’re alive right now, your more blessed than you know. No matter what you are going through, God (and I use that term loosely) never throws anything at you that you cannot handle. You need to remember this when you are going through hardship and real pain. The saying, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” could never be more true.

It’s like a boxer in a ring, he may loose every round and eventually loose the fight, but if he continues boxing, he hasn’t really been defeated, he’s just become a stronger more advanced boxer as he has that experience to learn from and move on to bigger and better fights.

Life is way to short and the way time is flying these days, it almost feels as if we “must go for it now” rather than waiting for tomorrow (which may never come)

Like I always say, spend time with your loved ones and tell them you love them. Share gifts with those who don’t have. Smile with that old man you walk past every morning. Act from a place of love for we all share the same energy and hate for another man is really hate for ones self on a deep subconscious level (but that’s another topic for another discussion)

Remember, if you have the opportunity TODAY, go for it TODAY, as tomorrow isn’t promised.

I love you all and Stay Blessed

David Richards


Quotes by: Wayne Dyer/David Richards