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The amount of motivational footage/articles I go through each week is becoming unreal.

With so much material out there it’s only right I share some with you.

What I have decided to do from today is post up one video each week which has impacted me most.

This video has over 2 million views and for a good reason.

Sit back, relax and be inspired.

Love to you all 🙂


Hey Guys,

Just a quick one. As some of you are aware, I entered a 90 day body transformation competition at my gym back in January and won. They’ve now released the poster and I’m very happy with how it looks.

I was also raising money for kids with cancer as apart of the transformation and would like to thank everyone who donated money. I didn’t raise as much money as I’d like to be honest, but at least I tried and will continue trying (I feel it’s for a good cause)

Keep grinding and putting in the work and know with all of your heart that you will get there. You may not know how or when but just knowing and believing will see you through the hardship.

Stay Motivated, Be inspired!