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The weekend is here people – Woop Woop

I start my day with a hour of motivational content everyday and just came across this video that I had to share with you guys.

Enjoy and have a beautiful weekend.

~Much Love Y’all~




Stay Positive Brothers & Sisters


Hello Hello Hello my wonderful people 🙂

How are we all doing today?

Christmas is around the corner and I know the binge eating has started already after speaking to some of you LOL. As long as you’re happy and enjoying life it’s all good – But do be careful that you don’t go TOO overboard as that bloating feeling is never nice and the weight gain really ISN’T cool – I’m sure we’d all agree on that right 🙂

Anyway, how quickly has time flown. We’re rapidly approaching the start of 2014 whilst simultaneously approaching end of 2013. Did you all have a successful 2013? I sure hope you did. If you didn’t, it’s not the end of the world and you should never be too hard on yourself – What’s the point?

2014 is a new start for new success, new money, new memories, new love, new friends and new clothes if you so desire LOL

But on a serious note, if you didn’t achieve what you wanted to achieve this year, reflect upon why that is?

Really sit down in silence and ask yourself some questions – You may find that talking to yourself a few times a week actually helps you to put things into perspective and helps to give you clarity as to what it is you really want from life.

It’s a big misconception that talking to yourself deems you as mad – I actually talk to myself aloud for at least 20 minutes a day (by myself of course LOL) and it has helped me to work out situations, dilemma’s and major break throughs that I wouldn’t of arrived to had I not been speaking with myself.

With that being said, allow me to share with you todays “Quote of the week” from my main man Will Smith – Who remembers Fresh Prince 🙂

“No matter how hard things may seem, don’t get down, and don’t give up. The clouds will clear, and there are brighter days ahead”

A lot of the quotes I share with you are along the lines of “Not Giving Up” and that is because as humans, we tend to give up easily upon being faced with a difficult situation.

We all like the easy way out as the easy way out is the easiest option of course. I mean, it is easy to quit, give up or stop trying (which are all essentially the same thing) because then we can tell our minds:

“Well at least we didn’t fail right…”


By quitting, we enrol onto the course at the “Failure Academy” and are well on our way to a masters degree/PhD in Quitology – Am I right or am I wrong?

When we quit, it is planted into our sub conscious minds and it remains there as emotional blockage until we do something about it. We continue with our everyday lives carrying this blockage at a cellular level tricking ourselves about the whole thing – Who can identify with this?

We feel down when things don’t go our way and then we get even more stressed when we quit. So in theory, what we have just done here is created a vicious cycle for ourselves.

I call this “The cycle of doom”

When we are in the cycle of doom or in the picture frame metaphorically speaking, it’s inevitably impossible for us to see the bigger picture – But we must remember, where there is dark, there is light (even if you can’t see it at the time)

Saying that, I then ask you this:

If a situation you deem as bad helps you to become a stronger individual, can it still be deemed as bad?

You see, whilst in the “bad” situation, you are in the picture so to speak, and again, this makes it difficult for you to see the bigger picture.

Allow me to share a quick exercise with you all which helps me at times like this.

Paradigm Exercise

1) Close your eyes and imagine yourself very clearly in the picture and all that’s going on around you

2) Imagine yourself now stepping out the picture whilst holding onto the frame for guidance and support

3) Now, imagine yourself again very clearly looking at the picture you just climbed out of, however, you can still see yourself in the image (the situation)

What this does is puts you into what I call “3rd person perspective” and allows you to analyse the situation from another perspective than how you’d normally view it – Very Powerful Exercise!

As humans, it’s in our nature to be hard on ourselves – Where did this even come from?

What has being hard on yourself ever caused you but grief, headache and possibly a degree of self hate (Would you be hard on a loved one – Your child, parent or lover?)

I’ve said it many times before but I’ll say it again – There is a difference between being critical of thy self and being down right hard (sub-conscious abuse I call it)

I have discovered the poison in my mind and I am consciously working with it and on it EVERYDAY. The sad thing is right, a lot of people live their lives this way and never work at ridding the poison of the mind (most likely due to their lack of awareness of it all) which is why I combine motivational quotes with my personal experience to hopefully help some of you who may be going through what I’m currently going though. They say, help others and you indirectly help yourself – So true!

I’ve discovered that Life is a game of polarity – What do I mean exactly?


We appreciate good times for we know bad times

We know happiness as we’ve felt sadness

We know of ying and yang

And we recognise darkness as we are moving through the light of Life 🙂

Life is a game of polarities and to master the game, we must learn to integrate both the polarities…

Positive vs Negative 

Key points for today

* Keep loving yourself as being harsh for making mistakes isn’t loving yourself


* Step out the picture frame every now and then (See my blog post on 3rd person perspective where I go more into the subject)

* Talk to yourself like you would a Guru/Master Teacher or God (If you are religious that is)



I love you all

David Richards



Hello my wonderful Brothers & Sisters:-D

How are we on this fine day?

You may ask what is fine about the day due to the cold weather or even a sticky situation you are in…

I say, the day is fine as you are alive, breathing and able to have the experience of that sticky situation.

For if you were not alive, that situation would not have managed to manifest itself in your reality…

Some may say, be thankful for that sticky situation for when you are out of it, your health, wealth and happiness remains with the bonus of becoming a stronger individual.

~What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger~ couldn’t be much truer

A stronger character has arose from having to face, conquer and defeat that situation – Whatever it may be/or have been.

Therefore, if we find ourself in future sticky situations, which we will, because that’s how life lessons and mastery is learnt, then we should view them as mere blessings in disguise, knowing that once we have faced the ugly, the pretty will reveal itself – Make sense?

This is called “4D Thinking” – It’s another way of thinking and perceiving life…I invite you to explore this concept further with me…

Here’s another example of “4D Thinking”

If you feel bad about something, recognise that you are the one making yourself feel bad. No one can MAKE you do anything.

Take real control over your life by recognising that you control your feelings, thoughts and emotions.

The moment you blame someone else for how you are feeling, you are then indirectly saying that they are in control of you – Make sense?

If that’s the case and people dictate how you feel, you will never have true control over your life and true freedom will only exist as a thought, wish or even desire…

Claim responsibility, take control and truly be free.

This is “4D Thinking” at it’s finest.

We live in a 3D physical plane where everything is just that – 3 Dimensional (3D)

We now have, 3D TVs, 3D movies and crazily enough, 3D printers…Go Youtube it!

It’s understandable why we then as humans think in “3D terms”.

However, looking at today’s society and the world itself “3D Thinking” is obviously not working.

Today I am showing you an insight into my new reality…This reality has improved the quality of my life far beyond my expectations.

I am more confident, magical things are happening for me, I’ve found my life’s purpose, I’m helping people and events, people and places are no longer coincidences but synchronistic events – Deep I know…

In fact, the word coincidence no longer exist in my vocabulary – I’m not even joking. That’s how much my reality has changed.

I also no longer use:

I Should of

I Could of

I Would of

They are all poison for the mind…

I simply say to myself:

“The NEXT time I’m in a similar situation, I will do things differently by…”

I Should of, I Could of, I Would of = “3D Thinking”

WHY you may ask?

BECAUSE, it leaves you in a place where you don’t feel good about yourself and Life is about finding joy in every moment and feeling good about yourself. Why EVER should you make yourself feel bad about something? Ask yourself that now for 5 minutes?

Therefore, if you are not feeling good about yourself, then you are not in alignment with your true self as your true self only knows happiness and love and if your not feeling happy or loved then your not being true to yourself and you are neglecting yourself from your own love -This is “4D Thinking“.

Some might then say, “4D Thinking” is a way of thinking that helps you to always feel good about yourself whilst living in the present moment…Yes this is true plus some…

Why feel bad about anything? If you screw up, so what, screw up and screw up HARD…As long as you learn from the situation, move on and continue living your life rather than letting it consume you.

Life for me is exactly that –  Making mistakes, learning from them and becoming an improved version of me/myself  and I – “4D Thinking

Previously for me, it went a little something like this:

Making a mistake and beating myself up about it. Then poisonous self talk would enter my mind;

“I should of done this, I could of done this,argghh If only I had done that”


That is 3D thinking as your living in the past, a reality which no longer exist and like I’ve said before:

If you’re living in the past, then you are insane by a Psychologist definition as you are thinking about changing something which has already happened and cannot be changed. A previous (past) reality is consuming your current reality…

The sad thing is, so many of us live like this or know someone that does.

Breathe and come back to the present…Come back and claim your gift…

Come back to the NOW, and get a hold of yourself.

Can you see why the present is your gift? The present moment that is. The present moment is life itself. The present moment is all there is, all there ever was and all there ever will be.

We don’t go into the future by any accord – The present moment (now) takes us into the future and simultaneously creates our past.

10 seconds ago is now the past…..

What you are reading will become a past experience in only a few seconds…

This is why you hear TIME IS AN ILLUSION!

And it is, think about it with me for just a moment…

When you’re having fun, time does what, it fly’s past quickly right.

However, when you are bored and your brain stimulus isn’t as active, time does what, goes slowly right…

Now, in reality, it takes the same amount of time for the big hand on the clock to turn 360 degree’s…

However, the “Fun vs Boring” situation has some how changed your perception on reality, although the big hand on the clock was moving at the same pace…Why is this…

Because the reality you live, is the reality you create…

Which is all in your mind…

David Richards


Nutrition Tip #1

Posted: Sep 17, 2013 in Motivation
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I posted this on my Facebook page but I felt the information would be useful on here also…

Find the right balance between protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats for a balanced mind, body and soul. Nutrition plays a big part in who you are AND who you’ll become over the years…Think about that…

You can look at someone and guesstimate how they’ve been eating over the past 1-2 years…

What will people guesstimate when they see you?

**Obesity and diabetes are linked with Nutrition

**State of mind is linked to Nutrition

**How you feel about yourself is linked to Nutrition

**Your performance is linked to Nutrition 

And did you know that Nutrition also plays a a vital role in how you sleep???

Please don’t believe the information I relay to you…

INSTEAD…Go out and research it for yourself so you can find truth within what I am saying

Fix your diet and become a better person…LITERALLY!

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Hey guys,

I hope everyone’s well wherever you are reading from.

Today I want to share with you some new stuff I’m learning which is helping to improve the quality of my life. Simply ideas and exercises which cost nothing and take very little effort.

I’ll first start by saying…

We become what we think about. Therefore you need to monitor your thoughts. Are they working with you or against you? Are they positive or negative? Are they good or bad? What are you thinking now…?

“The mind is our slave but we become a slave of the mind without ever realising”

Acknowledge you are not your thoughts or emotions. To help with this, simply imagine you are someone else for a moment, a friend maybe? Imagine you are your friend talking to yourself. Using me as an example, I would therefore no longer refer to myself as “I” but as “David”…Makes sense?

Or imagine your watching yourself run for the bus or even lying in bed…

This is what is referred to as “3rd Person Perspective”

Another exercise which to practice everyday is to simply imagine you are a character in a movie call “Life“, the star being you (because you are a star).

Now imagine you are the director of that movie. Being the director, you say what goes down right? The director directs what happens next…

Reflect upon your day/life before you go to sleep as if you are watching back the movie called “Life” which you are the director of and ask yourself:

What could have been done differently today?
How can I improve tomorrow?
What changes can be made to this movie?
What will be the outcome of this movie?
What characters do I want in this movie?
What would make the star of the movie (yourself) happier everyday?
How can this character improve as a person?
Why does the star of my movie have insecurity issues?

Really dig deep and start asking questions both about yourself and life…

Remember, as the director of this movie called “Life“, you direct what happens today and tomorrow…You and no one else. No one can direct your movie for you except YOU!

Being stuck in the rat race on top of family, friends, social life etc we have no real time to think and reflect.

Thinking and reflecting is a form of mediation which helps us identify what is important in our lives and what isn’t.

Do you feel like you have a purpose in life or are you just living for the sake of living?

If you do have a purpose, are you serving it?

What is life?

Why are we here?

Where do feelings and emotions come from?

What are dreams and how do they work?

Today is a short one but one which I hope provokes some thought and opens your eyes to see that life is more than what you can see with your two eyes. Also, I hope that today helps you see that you are not your thoughts or emotions.

Once you start to open up to this concept, feelings such as anger, jealousy and envy don’t affect you as much as you see that they are just “emotions” and not something which you necessarily have to act from as they don’t form who you are…unless you let them!

Catch y’all soon