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Hello Hi,

Wassup peeps, how are we all doing this week 😀

As always, I hope everyone is well.

I wanted to share another video with you guys (plus some of you have been requesting some more motivational material)

This video in particular gave me chills and made me want to step my game up another notch!

Never tell yourself you are working at 100% even when you know your giving it all you have. I would go as far as 99.9% knowing that within that small space to get to 100% there is always area for improvement. We need to stay hungry if we want to be successful, and with adopting this mind set we will always strive for more. The moment you get comfortable is the moment you loose the hunger which is the main ingredient for success – Ponder upon that last line for a moment.

People ask me what I do to keep motivated and watching videos is my thing. I not only watch videos, I also:

* Write my goals down and stick them up all around my house where I can always see them

* Have a small book with my goals that I carry around with me to keep me in remembrance of what I am striving and aiming for

* Have pictures up of the material goods I am chasing in this life time. For example – BMW’s, houses in Miami, electrical goods

* Physique’s of guys pictures I aspire to look like (You may question my sexuality when seeing ripped guys on my bedroom wall but I can promise you I am straight lol)

* Visualise very clearly everyday upon waking and going to bed what it is I am trying to achieve. This method helps to programme the sub conscious mind (which we work off 95% of the time) but that’s another subject within itself.

* Self talk – One of the biggest myths is that talking to yourself makes you crazy. Talking to yourself helps you to put things into perspective. I find it also helps you to rationalize things when in difficult situations.

When you are lacking motivation, just talk to yourself to help you remember why you are making the sacrifices and going through all this work. Ask yourself questions like:

*Why am I doing this?
*What am I trying to achieve?
*How long do I plan to do this for?
*Is there a easier and more effective method that I can be using which is less time consuming?

This is what I mean when I say talking to yourself helps you to rationalize sensibly and put things into a clearer perspective.

Talking to yourself aloud (preferably by yourself lol) is even more powerful. Try it whilst looking in the mirror and let me know if the effect is magnetised in anyway.

We all need to help each other and share our wisdom as even though we live individual lives, we are all collectively living as one – I hope that didn’t go over your head lol.

Help the man next to you for one day you may need his help…

Anyways, after my show and dieting is all over I will have some more time to share my new knowledge with you all which will cover different aspects of life and finding our true life’s purpose, nutrition made easy for you, methods of training in and out the gym and just having fun with it all.

As always, thank you for reading and getting involved – I am truly grateful. It’s over whelming some of the feedback I get from you guys. I started out this blog site with no intentions or any prior knowing of what direction I wanted it to go.

Now I will use it as a platform to share my insights, philosophies and to give back what I have received from others 😀

I love you all and may this blog post reach you in good spirit.

David Richards

Since the last video I posted on Law of Attraction, it seems a lot of you are already clued up about the topic. However, there are those of you who came into that sort of information for the first time upon watching the video and it appears you want to learn more on the subject as it is quite interesting and leaves you with lot’s to think about 😀

Today I invite you all to listen to this short Mp3 clip taken from Earl Nightingales:

“The Strangest Secret”

Although short, the information contained within this Mp3 will hopefully open your eyes to another side of life – Another side of life which we deserve to know about…

I’m not here to discuss Law of Attraction with sceptics… I’m simply here to relay information which has helped me greatly within my life, my families life, my friends who are conscious, and a whole list of celebrities including Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan and Will Smith who in my opinion were/are the best at what they do and have generated a mass amount of wealth via their success.

For those who are interested in the subject and want more information or simply want to discuss the topic further, please do not hesitate to contact me.

REMEMBER – An Idea/Thought + Intention + Attention = Results

We all deserve to live a truly joyful and blissful life – Let’s get together and focus on making it happen!

Much Love and Peace to You ALL


Hey guys,

How is everyone doing. I’ve found a video hidden on Youtube and wanted to share it with you all. Have you heard of “The Law of attraction” before?

This video has changed my perception on how I perceive my relationship with both money and work. If you’ve watched the movie “The Secret” then I’m sure you’ll appreciate this video.

This video will open up your eyes to a lot of things and really make you think about life and what is you want to do with your life.

I feel it’s about time we really started enjoying the lives we
deserve to enjoy and I believe this video will help us in doing so.

Everything starts with a thought…Money, Relationships, Work, Keeping fit…They are all manifestations of your thoughts.

Watch this video with an open mind and let me know what you think.

Enjoy 😀