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Great news guys! I’ve decided to compete for the 1st time this year at the WBFF show, Nov 9th @ the Greenwich O2. I will be doing the fitness class and although it will be my first time competing, I am going for my Pro card.

After winning the body transformation at my gym, over 130 days of consistent clean eating, waking up at 5.30 am for gym sessions, training my butt off and talking to numerous people in and out of the gym, I believe in myself more than ever and know I have what it takes.

This is how I see it…The guys on the cover of the fitness magazines with sponsorship deals are no different to me. We are all human beings that went through the same process from embryo to foetus.

We all have to eat, breathe and sleep. They went through the process of hard work and dedication to get to where they are now and lord knows I can do the same.

Point being – If they can do it, so can I…We are no different!

The next 5 months are going to test me big time. There can no longer be “I’m not going to train calves today because I can’t be bothered” or “A few scoops of this Ice-cream won’t hurt” – NO! I am bringing my A game!

I have my work cut out – Why? Well there are a number of reasons. I have lagging body parts I need to work on and body fat I need to loose (on top of other things). HOWEVER, none of these will be used as an excuse, EVER!

I love challenging myself and coming out of my comfort. I love taking risk and not knowing what is at the other side.

I don’t have any coaches or trainers helping me and will be doing all the prep by myself (I think that we are our own best teachers anyway)

I will continue to post my meals, training sessions and supplementation as I know a lot of you find it both interesting and useful.

I’m not trying to be anyone else but myself. All I can do is share my knowledge and journey with you.

I have accepted that my purpose in life is to help others…PERIOD! Whether that be personal training, giving advice or just blogging every week, I feel good helping others.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me up to this point whether it be the likes, the shares, reading what I post, following my blog or just the feedback… it really does mean a lot to me!

Fitness & weight Loss are similar to mountain climbing...

As well as the message being given here, I also want females to see that lifting weights isn’t going to make them “Hench” or “too muscular”. 2013, let’s beat the misconceptions.

Search for my blog post on “Women and training pt1”. I will be covering pt2 in the next few weeks.

This week I’m going to cover nutrition starting with “Vitamins & Minerals” so look out for that.

For now, eat well and stay away from processed foods (I mean, beef burgers ain’t just beef burgers no more…Horse burgers lol….What a joke…We don’t know what where eating with all this processed food anymore…Burger King, Tesco, Aldi…There all in on it and I’m sure the list goes on).

Eat good, Live Good.

Stay Blessed

7 Rules of Life

Since I started applying these rules in my life I have been a lot happier and more at peace with myself.

We only live once so let this experience we call life be one of the greatest journeys we travel.

Smile and enjoy today.