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Losing weight is never as easy or as straight-forward as we would like it to be and there are tons of tips and advice out there that it’s hard to know which advice to follow for successful results.

We’ve kept things simple with 5 Essential Tips for Weight loss:

Don’t make drastic changes to your diet

Making a huge initial change to your diet will get you results in the short term, but long term you will struggle as you will have less tools to use when you hit plateaus.

Be consistent

Consistency is key!

Try to maintain something that can be manageable. Do not aim for something that is not maintainable. Better to have 100 okay days back to back than having 25 perfect days followed by a week on binge eating.

Track progress, adjust if needed

Tracking progress will help you understand what is happening with your body. The use of pictures can be good to see how your body is changing as sometimes we don’t notice or trick ourselves into thinking we’ve lost weight. If your body is not changing then you need to make a change to your diet or exercise program.

Make a food diary

By tracking calorie intake, it gives you more accurate data to work off when analysing your progress. If you are taking on too much food, you can adjust and alter your food diary accordingly. We also find that when we write down what we eat, we tend to eat less and may realise we eat a lot more than we thought we did!

Be patient

It is better to take things nice and steady; losing 1-2lbs a week is generally a good rule of thumb to aim for. Any faster is probably too fast!

Author Bio: This post was written by Vinnie Duong a Personal Trainer and Co-founder of Heavy Duty Apparel.

Long time peeps, I hope everyone’s cool.

Just a quick one to say that I’m back from my well needed holiday (although I didn’t sleep that much lol) and had a great time.

The weather was on point, the females were on point, the food was great and all in all it was a great experience.

I met people out there who I can call new friends for life and will continue to keep in touch with them.

I handed out over 300 business cards so hopefully the information I share on this blog can resonate with some of you new readers.

I feel inspired and have a new burst of energy I can’t wait to share with you guys. So much new ideas that will be coming shortly.

Anyway, like I said, just a quick one as the gym is calling me along with the sauna and steam room 🙂

Love you guys and peace to you all.