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Wassup peeps,

Let’s talk stretching real quick.

Now, regardless of whether you train or not, it is vital that you focus on stretching everyday.

We don’t realise how tight we are and the amount of tension we carry in our bodies until we are injured.

Stress causes tension in the body as well as training and stretching can help to release that tension.

Not only can tight muscles limit your range of movement, it can also contribute towards bad posture.

Bad posture can affect your mood and you mood can affect your posture – A vicious cycle, I know…

Just look a persons body language when they are depressed compared to when they are happy…

It’s only recently that I’ve become more in tune with my body and through becoming more in tune, I’ve found areas for improvement and stretching is one of them.

~In life, everything is balance~

I say that to say this, if you’re going to lift weights, know that you are shortening your muscles whilst they are contracting.

If you are going to shorten your muscles 5 x a week through strenuous exercise, it makes sense to either stretch them (lengthen) or perform an activity such as yoga which focuses on lengthening the muscles.

It’s all good having the sickest body on the beach or the biggest muscles in your gym, but when you can’t scrub your back because your muscles are too tight or you can’t bend down to pick up your child’s toy because your hamstrings are too tight or you have lower back pain (due to tightness somewhere in your body due to a lack of stretching) then you will wish that you had tuned into your body little sooner.

Even if you don’t train, remember that daily movements and day to day stress will cause tension and tightness in the body.

I know you’ll do what’s right anyway