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Hello Hello Hello,

It feel’s good to be back to writing the “Quote of the week post”. It’s the one time I get to really open up and get creative. I think the last one I wrote was over 12 weeks ago now, when I started going head deep into my competition prep for the WBFF show. Since then I’ve done a few post here and there for some up keep and maintenance, but most of my energy and attention was directed towards the prep.

A lot of you don’t know as it was a last minute decision but 2 weeks after the WBFF show I actually entered another competition. This time round it was the Miami Pro show.  I was in two minds whether to enter or not as I didn’t feel mentally prepared as I did for the WBFF.

The reason for this was, I had started enjoying chocolate and the little delights of life and I suppose this threw me off a little as I never touch sweets or anything like that whilst dieting.

My train was delayed on my way to the show and I knew I was going to be late for the registration and thought that may affect me from entering and maybe I should turn back. I started telling myself that it was a sign for me not to enter and that I should go home – Funny the excuses we come up with when our heart isn’t into something…

I didn’t place top 5 unfortunately but got some cool photo’s I think you’ll like and genuinely had a brilliant time 🙂


Enough about me, how are you guys?

It seem’s like everyone is jumping on the fitness bandwagon one by one now…I love it.

People are setting goals, dreaming big and making stuff happen…Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Everyone is trying to keep motivated, positive and improve their current situation whatever it may be…

But I know how it is…Staying motivated is hard!

If it was easy, we would all be motivated and procrastination wouldn’t have the slightest chance of breathing.

So what do we do when we loose motivation?

We loose focus. And what happens when we loose focus?

We loose sense of direction and if we have no direction we don’t know where we are going and this leads to the road of giving up.

And this my friends bring’s me to todays quote of the week:

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time”

Please allow me to share a story with you…It has been kept secret up until now and only a small handful of people know…If that…

Back when I was 17 I started learning how to drive. I passed my theory test the day after my 17th birthday and was fired up to hit the roads. I already had my provisional license so it was just a case of getting the money together to start taking some lessons.

Before I booked lessons with a driving school my Dad took me out on the road for some 1st timers experience…What a bad idea (bless him)

We’d argue left right and centre because he would tell me to check my mirrors after I’d already checked them and then we’d get into this little madness going back and fourth and LOL…What drama…

Anywhoo, at this point we decided it was a good idea for me to start taking some “professional” driving lessons. I booked up with a driving school and not to long until I was back on the roads…

I practised and I practised, week after week , grinding session after session, practising my 3 point turns, reverse parking, finding the braking point properly…When I say I was going hard, trust me, I wasn’t playing lol

Both the instructor and I felt that I was ready for the test and he gave me the thumbs up to proceed 🙂 Fun times right…

So test day is here, I wake up in the morning fully psyched up, pumped and rearing to go.

I get to the test centre, fill out all the paper work (still pumped up and rearing to go) get into the car, start the engine and BAM!


If your heart and mind is racing as fast as he is, then you my friend may want to slow down lol

If your heart and mind is racing as fast as he is, then you my friend may want to slow down lol

Left turns become right turns, 3 point checks become something you’ve never heard of, my heart starts racing quicker than Usain Bolt at the Olympics lol…I became a right mess.

It’s safe to say I failed that day…

I think you fail if you get more than 10 minors mark downs and 1 serious mark down…

Well my friends, I must of received something like 20 minor mark downs and 5 serious mark downs LOL

Maybe that’s exaggerating, but it was pretty bad though.

Anyway, it was back to the drawing board and I continued on with more lessons (and more money). I continued grinding until the driving   instructor gave me the thumbs up again.

So I’m back at the test centre 2nd time round, this time with much less anxiety and feeling a lot more confident.

I know I made a few hiccup during the test but still felt I had done OK…


I failed again – But 2nd time round it hurt much more….

I wanted my independence to drive myself. Taking bus and going to college at the time was a long and costly journey for me and I calculated that it would work out cheaper for me to drive their back an fourth everyday…

On top of that, I had built up my expectations on passing and people around me helped add fuel to my expectations…

You see, I had my 1st car at 17 and I use to drive around with my parents once I was test ready. For some last minute practice. I’d have friends or family members in the car at the time who would also agree I was a good driver, so you can imagine my ego and confidence was running in over drive.

At the test centre after hearing the bad news, I met another driving instructor from the AA who asked what I failed on. I told him and he said:

“Sometimes nerves just get the better of you – It doesn’t mean that you’re not ready, it just means that you need to relax and believe in yourself some more”

My Dad was around and we both agreed that it was about time I switched driving instructors and who better than Mr “AA”  aka Mr “Guru” lol .So I exchanged details with Mr “AA” and I thought to myself at the time:

“This is it – 3rd time lucky and this guy seems pretty cool”.

So back to the lab (more money) and I’m fully in Rocky Baboa mode at this point. I refused to loose. I was a pretty good driver already, so we would just go through maneuverers and drive around round-abouts which was my weak point at the time.

My problem for not passing then was that I allowed nerves and anxiety to consume me…

But I continued fighting on and booked up for my 3rd and what I thought was going to be my final test, but would you believe I failed AGAIN…

I cried when I got home and I’m sure I had a few shots of vodka…

My soul was crushed guys. I was hurting and I was hurting real bad. Being 17 at the time, I saw myself as a failure…I was about ready to throw in the towel. I failed for something stupid like indicating too early. Even the instructor agreed that it wasn’t fair and should of been marked down as a minor rather a serious, but o well, it was what it was…

No more lessons were needed –  It was just a case of getting another test booked in as soon as possible and getting that green card upgraded to a pinkie (provisional license to full license)

I booked for my fourth test and I can’t remember exactly what had happened but I failed again…THAT WAS IT! I’m done for!

The fear of failure

The fear of failure

I was a naughty boy and started driving behind my parent’s back. I had enough of sentences starting with:

“I’m sorry to say” OR

“Unfortunately” OR

“On this occasion I’m”

I was threw with it…

I allowed my frustration and pain to consume me and lead me to act irresponsibly…

At 17 I wasn’t a man, but I was fully aware of what I was doing…I was driving illegally…

My conscience kicked in and tried to help me to do the right thing but my pain was stronger than my conscience at the time and I continued driving…

One day reality kicked and I said to myself:

“Dave…Driving illegally makes you a failure even though you get the freedom of driving, you do know that don’t you –  But by taking your test, even if you don’t pass, that doesn’t make you a failure because your facing your fear of failing” Woah…

When I talk to myself like that I really don’t feel like it’s me talking to me lol but anyway…

I went for my 5th test and BOOM – I passed…

For those who watch Family Guy, I felt like Stewie when he does the happy dance lol

For those who watch Family Guy, I felt like Stewie when he does the happy dance lol

For 7 years I’ve kept this story confidential for fear of others judging me but after facing my fears and stepping on stage this year, not once, but twice, I’ve learn t to let go of the emotional baggage that comes along with caring what others think about you. Through sharing this story with you, I’ve let go of another layer of emotional baggage that I’ve been carrying around for so long.

I can’t tell people to “Not care what others think about them” and be the same one to sit here not living life through my own words. Don’t get me wrong, to an extent we will always have a care to some degree, but it’s letting go of that care emotionally and not letting it affect your day to day life.

People don’t face their fears due to the the fear of a failure itself. It’s like that movie Inception with Leonardo Di Caprio when they was in a dream within a dream, only this time your trapped in a fear within a fear…Now that’s deep!


The moral of the overall story if you hadn’t guessed it already is NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER MAKE GIVING UP AN OPTION! NEVER GIVE UP ON GIVING UP (THIS ONLY APPLIES TO BAD HABBITS)

Through giving up, the option of failure becomes your only option…

You give birth to failure! You and only you! Why give birth to such an option?

Life isn’t hard…We make it hard. We as humans complicate things unnecessarily. I’ve learn’t a lot this year and will share everything I’ve learn t with you if I feel it will benefit you in some way.

Now I have to read all this back and spell check it and hope the punctuation is OK LOL.

Do forgive me for the spelling mistakes and punctuation. I hope you feel the energy behind the message and the LOVE that I am sending out to you all.

The quote that based today’s Quote of the Week is from my man:

Thomas A Edison and yours truly


It feels good to be back baby…

Making my dreams a reality by never giving up - Failure is not an option for me or YOU!

Making my dreams a reality by never giving up – Failure is not an option for me or for YOU!


Hey guys,

How is everybody this week? I hope you’re all doing well. I’ve had a few emails from some of you asking me about goal setting and the difficulty you’re having in achieving your goals due to a lack of motivation and the feeling of giving up and going down the lazy route.

I can assure you, you don’t want to go down this road!

I find that nine times outta ten people are ambitious and strive to do well but the feeling of being demotivated all the time and the failure to prepare holds them back greatly. This brings me to today’s quote:

“The will to succeed is important, but what’s more important is the will to prepare”

It’s all good wanting to do well in life and striving for success but in order to reach that success we must first learn and appreciate “The Law of Preparation” 

Let’s first look at a few definitions of the word “Preparation“:

1) A proceeding, measure, or provision by which one prepares forsomething: preparations for a journey

2) Any proceeding, experience, or the like considered as a mode of preparing for the future.

3) An act of preparing.

4) The state of being prepared.

5) Something prepared, manufactured, or compounded: a special preparation for sunbathers.

The famous quote comes to mind by Benjamin Franklin:

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” – A quote I have used many times

Failing to prepare from the start is likely to end with the exact same ending….failure. You lack direction when you fail to prepare and a lack of direction will soon see you on the road to “no where”.

Picture a pilot with a plane full of passengers scheduled to travel to Miami. If air control fail to plan a route for the pilot, it’s trouble for all the passengers and all the staff onboard.

The same can be said for those of us travelling in life with no direction. Although many of us work 9-5s, study or are self employed and are deemed as “doing well”, we still collectively as individuals feel lost and question “what is life all about”.

It’s not uncommon to hear more people questioning life these days and questioning what their purpose is for being here. People what to know why they exist and this leads them to start questioning their future and the unknown.

It’s the not knowing which leaves us in fear as we fear the unknown. It’s easy to create anxiety by not knowing because we try to think of all the possible outcomes of what “could” happen in any given situation and what we would do “if” that situation manifested. Creating scenarios in our heads which may never  occur and then worrying about those scenarios is “madness” and will leave us exactly that…”mad”. That’s what crazy people do right…Create scenarios in their head which don’t exist…A false reality!

That’s why I always suggest people live in the present (the right now). By living in the present moment you deal with situations as of when they occur. You acknowledge the future but you don’t live in it. The past is “behind us”. If we are aiming to move forward in life we have no need to “look back” at the past as it is “behind us” and are aim isn’t to move back but forwards in life.

Once we learn how to live in the present moment we can really start setting goals that shape our future. We learn how to control our thoughts and become aware that we are not our thoughts or emotions. Once you acknowledge this your purpose for being here becomes clearer as you identify with your feelings and learn how to follow your heart and intuition.

Your future goals will be based on what your heart truly desires thus giving you motivation to achieve them rather than striving for a goal based around material wealth (the mind’s goal).


Material wealth can only keep a man happy for so long before his soul becomes empty. Money and designer brands are an illusion to keep the ego happy. You are not your ego so essentially the money and designer brands aren’t making “you” happy at heart. A Gucci bag, LV purse, new BMW, pay rise, new TV or any material isn’t going to keep you happy long term. Look at how much millionaire celebs turn to drugs and are unhappy in life trying to fill emptiness…

Saying that though, in some situations money can buy happiness. I beleive using materialistic wealth as a motivator in helping you achieve your goals is OK as long as you don’t make materialistic wealth your ONLY goal in life and the reason you wake up everyday.

It’s up to us as individuals what route we decide to take in life. You can be organised, sufficient and always true to your word OR you can be un-organised, turn up late and unreliable.

What’s it gonna be?

Quote by: Bobby Knight/David Richards


Hello Hello Hello,

To everybody reading now, thank you. I started this blog nearly a year ago and never imagined I would be helping peoples lives. This is what I’m here to do and will continue to do.

I’ve just come back from a 2 week holiday in Cyprus and let’s just say I learnt a lot about myself. I’m filled with love, energy, and motivation and I plan to share it with you guys for as long as I’m breathing.

Without further delay, let’s get into this weeks Quote:

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.”

When we make mistakes we learn. When we learn, we develop as human beings that can then move on to teach other human beings the lessons we have learnt.

Life is all about learning, developing and experiencing new things. If you don’t move, you stay in the same position never truly living to your life’s full potential.

We can’t be afraid of making mistakes or failing. We limit ourselves by this way of thinking. I understand no one wants to fail or make mistakes, but by recognizing them as factors to help improve our lives, we start to reprogram the way we perceive our current situations within day to day life.

Think about it…if you never made any mistakes and life was all perfect, how would you grow as an individual? The same applies to failure, if you never fail, how would you grow and learn from life’s lessons?

I know they say a wise man learns from the mistakes of others and I do agree, however, we need to make mistakes ourselves otherwise there wouldn’t be a harmonic balance in our lives.

The more I think about it, the more I see how failure and mistakes are related. Don’t get it twisted though, they are very different things but closely related never the less.

You could fail at something no fault of your own, so the mistake isn’t on you.

You could fail at something due to a mistake, no worries, move on and learn from it.

You could make a mistake but it doesn’t make YOU a failure.

You could make a mistake which causes a business to fail, still however, YOU are NOT the failure, the business is.

If you are a good person and do something bad, it doesn’t make you a bad person. It just means you done something a bad person would do. We can’t identify ourselves by our actions…Please remember this!

Failure is success turnt inside out – Remember this when you next fail!

The motto is to try, try and try again.


That’s how most entrepreneurs get/got rich…They fail a countless amount of times yet still have the fighters spirit to keep trying and trying again – This is what you call persistency.

Life ain’t easy! However, by recognizing and changing your thought patterns, life can be made A LOT  easier. First, you need to know that you are not your mind, thoughts or emotions.

Good and bad is a perception of the mind. You can look at situations for what they are or you can perceive them using the mind – The choice is yours!

I actually don’t mind failing anymore as I know I’ll learn a valuable lesson both for myself and others. The same goes for mistakes…

If I screw up, so what, I screw up…get over it. I never aim to make mistakes but when I do I accept that I’ve made a mistake, learn from it and move on…Never dwell on the past. Dwelling on the past is poison to the mind as you can’t change what has happened already, so get over it and look towards the future while living in the now (the present which is essentially a gift)

The next time you attempt to do something, whatever it is, recognize that failure and mistakes are all apart of the game. Look at them as friends which offer tough love and the possibility of self improvement. Once you stop identifying them as the enemy your life will improve 10 fold. WHY?

Because not only will you have you changed your thought pattern but also your perception on the reality in which we all live.

If you have a big goal, dream or ambition that you haven’t chased due to your old enemies/new friends by the name of”Failure and Mistakes” then make that change today and say to yourself:

“I know I can make this happen” “I will make this happen”

“I know I can make this happen” “I will make this happen”

“I know I can make this happen” “I will make this happen”

Look in the mirror everyday while stating the above…See it and believe it to be true!

Keep dreaming big, keep goal setting and believe and know in your heart that:


And the rest is history

Have a great week guys

Peace, Love and Blessings to you all


Quotes by:  George Bernard Shaw/David Richards


Hey Guys,

Just a quick one. As some of you are aware, I entered a 90 day body transformation competition at my gym back in January and won. They’ve now released the poster and I’m very happy with how it looks.

I was also raising money for kids with cancer as apart of the transformation and would like to thank everyone who donated money. I didn’t raise as much money as I’d like to be honest, but at least I tried and will continue trying (I feel it’s for a good cause)

Keep grinding and putting in the work and know with all of your heart that you will get there. You may not know how or when but just knowing and believing will see you through the hardship.

Stay Motivated, Be inspired!


Hello my good people,

How are we all doing. I hope everyone is blessed and ready to tackle another week. Time is really flying past these days, wouldn’t you agree?… I mean it feels like just the other day it was January and now where deep into April approaching May. Hmmm…That’s why I tell people everyday to live life and enjoy themselves…Anyway….

I found this quote the other day and it resonated with me more than you would believe, so it was only right that I shared it with you guys. It goes as follows:

“When you fail you learn from the mistakes you made and it motivates you to work even harder.”

Can any of you relate to this? I know I can and this is exactly how I feel when I’ve failed at something. Failure always makes me think to myself “OK, so things didn’t go to plan this time round but now you’ve learnt this lesson, how can reformulate a plan and come back even better and stronger”. And you know what, you might even call me crazy here, but I also view failures as blessings in disguise. Hear me out…

If we never failed at anything then how would we grow as individuals?

Think about it… Where would there be space for us to develop and improve? There would be no balance as things would always be one sided and there would be no lessons for us to learn from.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I like failing, I mean c’mon who does…However, just by changing our perception on how we view failure, it can make a big difference in our lives.

I think we should become friends with failure or even see him as a big brother who teaches us lessons with tough love.

Before I started my journey on bettering myself, I use to honestly fear failure. To think, I use to like the idea of not attempting something because in my mind I could then say “Well, no harm done, if I don’t try at least I’m not going to fail” – Looking back at it now that was failure within itself and such a cop out!

So what if you attempt to do something and it doesn’t go to plan the first time round…Dust yourself off and try again. The amount of books I’ve read on Entrepreneurs who have failed businesses a crazy amount of times but they still kept grinding and grafting and today they are multi-millionaires.

Or let’s take babies for example…When they are first learning how to walk they fall over time after time again but they stick at it starting from small little steps to then being able to walk all over the place. We all use to be babies at one stage and we all learnt how to walk –  Failure wasn’t an option back then – What’s changed?

Here’s how I now view failure…Whether I’m going into a competition or attempting to accomplish a goal, my mind set is “Failure is not an option”.

However, I also embrace the idea of failure upon facing it. Therefore, whatever I am attempting at the time, win or loose, I still come out a winner at then end. I either take 1st place or learn a valid life lesson.

Before I go, let me share a poem with you all – I first came across this poem when I was in Jamaica back in 2009. I bough a small picture type poster with these very words written on it and have it on my bedroom wall to this day. I hope you find comfort in reading and start changing your perception.

~Peace and Love to you all~


David Richards


Quotes by: Natalie Gulbis/David Richards