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Time to make it happen! No excuses!

What’s up my good people,

Sorry I have been a little quiet recently. 3 months  into the new year and my time table is full already.

One of the reasons for being so busy is that I’ve started the execution of my 5 year plan to become a millionaire.

Yep, that’s right. I really believe I can do it if I continue to work smart, stay dedicated and to keep trying.

A lot of people talk the talk, but you guys know what I’m about…

The way I see it is, I’m 25 now and I ain’t getting any younger.

So if I’m really going to try and achieve ANYTHING in life, I may as well start now using whatever resources I can get my hands on and stop with the excuses and procrastinating. I’m an Aquarius and we do procrastinate a lot.

Procrastination is definitely a teacher for me in this life time as I know when I finally overcome/master it, I will learn a lot about myself and what I can really do/achieve.

All I ask from you guys in exchange for this blog is to project good thoughts out there for me and my 5 year plan 🙂

Anyhoo, let’s get cracking with some of that good stuff and what you really came here for…

Tips on getting sexy for summer 😉

You may be reading this and already in shape but just want to pick up a few tips…

OR  you may be in need of help which is why you are reading this now…

Either way, fear not as Dee has you covered!

Today we’re going to talk/cover nutrition!

Nutrition, Emotions and your Logical Mind


Nutrition is a topic which will forever live as  the moment it dies, we die along with it. We all need to eat to survive – That we can all agree on (I hope)

However, obesity and food related illnesses are all due to either a lack of education or poor choices/decisions with dire consequences.

A thought enters our mind for the need or the wanting of some some ice cream.

Now, our logical mind will tell us:

“No, don’t eat it – We are doing really well right now on this diet and have got so far”

However, our emotional self will tell us:

“Go on, eat the ice cream – You deserve it for going the whole 6 weeks without slipping up”

We are faced with the classic:

Logic vs Emotion scenario –  Which most of us have faced at some time in our lives.

Most of the time emotion wins and we are later faced with frustration for not being strong enough to face the emotion full on without it taking victory.

This is why when you next go to eat, ask yourself:

Am I hungry or am I feeding an emotion?

Do I allow food to enslave me or am I in control?

Be honest with yourself now folks…

You will most probably know the answer from the get go, but the little voice that resides inside your head will have you living in straight denial.

I find that this little voice is really the emotion talking from deep within you..

Really think about that…

It’s quite deep and will most probably help you to get to the root issue of the emotion that  lives deep within your sub conscious mind…

“Emotion speaks as that little voice in our heads…”


When I talk nutrition with people, I go deeper than  “Just a food plan”

I’m actually in this game to help people and need to help them in order for my soul to grow…That’s why it’s deeper than:

“Just a food plan to me”

I  find out why my clients cheat themselves whilst dieting and what leads them to that place of wanting to cheat in the first instance.

It’s easy to charge someone £80-£120 for a food plan but what’s the point if they struggle keep their own diet clean for 4-6 weeks.  It’s logic to work with the person and find out why/where they are going wrong. That’s the difference between me and your “average” personal trainer.

You could be well educated on nutrition, but if you don’t make “smart” food choices then your knowledge goes in vein my friend.

“Life is all about choices- We make them everyday”

We chose what WE want to wear in the morning before leaving our house

We chose what WE want to eat when we are hungry.

We chose what careers WE want for ourselves.

We chose our partners in life and the relationships we have with them

We chose our own thoughts (which creates our reality)

And WE chose what we put into our bodies throughout the duration of our lives – No one else!

Therefore you are in the state you are in now because of YOU and no one but YOU. We need to start taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions and stop blaming other people for the position/state we are in.

I love you guys but have to dish out a serving of tough love every now and then!

When approaching nutrition from any angle, it’s important to note that we are all different individuals and different methods of eating will and won’t work for different people. Please keep this in mind.

When it comes to food, our bodies respond differently as we are all unique in that way.

I will have to cover nutrition throughout the duration of this blog as it is too vast of a subject to cover in one post. Saying that, I will give you some simple tips to follow which will make life easier for yourself where nutrition is concerned.

(P.S  I’m not a certified nutritionist – I just know my stuff through researching, on top of researching, on top of researching – We can all do it!)

1) Life style change VS the 12-16 weeks diet


I say it all the time – Change your lifestyle through food rather than just following a diet plan which only last for a few weeks. Why go through the work of cleaning up your diet, keeping consistent for 16 weeks only to go and mess it up again with your old way/habit of eating. A life change will equate to a newer and healthier you.

2) Treat Meals – I no longer use the term cheat meal any more. I now say treat meal. The way I look at it is – words are powerful. The moment you say you are having a cheat meal is the moment you feel as if you are cheating yourself.

But when you state you are going to “enjoy”  a treat meal, subconsciously you feel better within yourself.



Use treat meals as a way to treat yourself every 2 weeks or so for the dedication and hard (smart) work on your part.

Utilize this time as a mental reset and eat whatever you like for 1 meal (And one meal only lol)

Go all out…TREAT YOURSELF! You deserve it.

Pizza, Chinese, Mexican – Eat whatever you feel like and then get back on track pronto!

3) Carbs – The friend and the enemy for both females and males. You either love them or hate them – Or both lol.

Carbs cover a large percentage of food intake in the entire world  as it comes in so many different forms. You have good carbs and bad carbs. Low GI & High GI carbs.







Fizzy Drinks

Did you know that all the above are a form of carbohydrate!

(Search my page for more info about carbs as I have covered them in more detail before)

Carbs are what YOU make of them. If you eat too much and you don’t exercise then yes, you’ll get fat. But that’s the same with anything we eat.

Let me make it as simple as I can:

Carbs = Energy

If you don’t exercise and your body makes no use of that energy, it will store it for later use in the form of fat.

Hence why, when people are trying to loose the fat (stored energy) they have do exercise (weights/cardio) as a way to release that energy (stored fat)

I hope you just had a light bulb moment due to me breaking it down so simply for you.

As humans,  we complicate things waaaaaaaay too much.

If you eat clean carbs in moderation and exercise at least 3-4 times a week, then the carbs will feed your body with the energy it needs and work towards re filling your glycogen cells (We won’t get into glycogen now lol)

I don’t want too confuse you with too much science, but it is important  that you know the basics for your own good (And others around you)

4) Vegetables – Look, there not that bad OK lol. Vegetables will help your body with homeostasis (a state where all the bodies chemicals are balanced)


This may not make sense to you lol – Don’t worry if it doesn’t

It does this by feeding your body the required vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed in order for your endocrine system and other bodily features to perform optimally/sufficiently.

Vegetables are also a great source of fibre which will help to keep you fuller for longer.

Keeping full will lead you to eating less throughout the day which helps with less calorie consumption which causes….


Eat you veggies 🙂


5) Water – Not only does water help to keep you fuller at meal times, it also works to flush toxins out of the body.  Why does this relate to fat loss you may ask?


Just think, if your body is filled with toxins and acids, it cannot work sufficiently at doing it’s job. Shifting fat is a “job” it has to undertake but will stuggle to do so if it’s not well looked after.

It’s like having diesel in a petrol car – The two mixed together will slow down and eventually damage the car (your body). The same can be said for toxins, pesticides and unbalanced acid levels within the body.

pH vs Alkaline diet & acid levels in the body – Another subject which I have covered before that you can search for on here.

Ponder upon what has been written today and see if you can use any of the above (if not all the methods) to help re-shape and reform your temple AKA your special body.

That’s me done my good people – I hope you enjoyed the knowledge shared today and continue to learn from me, my life and my story.

I am extremely busy at the moment as I have already mentioned but I’m here for you guys always and will continue to help in the world where I can.

Much love to you all and stop stressing as life is a blessing 🙂


David Richards




Hey Guys,

Just a quick one. I thought I’d post this as I get lots of emails from people asking me about carbohydrates, both when there trying to loose fat or gain muscle mass.

Now firstly, it is a misconception that carbs make you fat… Too much carbs makes you fat! Furthermore, too much of any macro-nutrient can see that waistline start to increase, so let’s not put it all down to carbs. They can be your friend or your enemy depending how you treat them.

As this is just the intro I won’t go into too much detail but I’ll give you enough information to get a better understanding on the subject and to go away and conduct your own research.


What is considered a bad carb?

As the picture above shows, bad carbs are the ones that YOU KNOW make you fat such as:

  1. Cakes
  2. Chocolate
  3. Biscuits
  4. Sweets
  5. Fizzy drink

These are the ones that have no nutritional value to you whatsoever (no matter how you try to justify it)

What is considered a good carb?

Again, as pictured above, good carbs sources are foods, such as:

  1. Oats
  2. Sweet Potato
  3. Brown Rice
  4. Quinoa
  5. Beans

Now interestingly enough, all the bad carbs listed above are considered High Gi carbohydrates. High glycemic carbohydrates break down quickly and rapidly raise glucose levels. With low glycemic index foods, the body is able to release a steady level of insulin to control blood sugar levels.

Saying that though, not all High GI foods are bad for you. Let’s take a look at fruit for example:

  1. Bananas
  2. Melons
  3. Pineapple
  4. Raisins
  5. Mango’s

All the above fruit have health benefits but because they are so high in sugar they are considered High GI foods (break down quickly and rapidly raise glucose levels) Confused…? No need to be.

Just remember, if it’s high in sugar, it’s likely to be considered a high GI food.

If it’s filled with fibre and takes longer to cook, it’s likely to be considered a low GI food.


There can be exceptions though such as sweeteners and how they respond in the body but I’ll have to cover that in another post as that can get pretty complex. In regards to sweeteners, look up Stevia (a near 0 calorie herbal sweetener) which is a great alternative to sucralose aka Splenda, aspartame and acesulfame-k which are found in most sugar free products such as low calorie foods, snacks & drinks but carry some harmful side effects.

Here’s a little quiz that should stick with you next time you think carbs – What of the following  are considered “Low GI carbs”

Brown Rice vs White Rice

Potatoes vs Sweet Potatoes

Brown Sugur vs White Sugar

Coke vs Diet Coke (I’m only joking)

Wholewheat Pasta vs White Pasta

Beans vs Chocolate

The next time I touch up on the subject I will go into more detail and discuss the benefits and disadvantages of carbs, the best time to eat them, more details about types of carbs and anything I can think about related to the subject.

For now, research and read, then do more research and read even more as knowledge is power and will help us get progress in life. See the link I provided below which has some good information to get you started on the topic.

Eat carbs and enjoy them, but everything in moderation 🙂

Much Love

David Richards


Read more & Research:

Low GI vs High GI –

Aspartame aka Poison on a spoon –

Stevia –

Sucralose aka Splenda – A great article and video by  Dr. Mercola


Hello my good people,

How are you all. I hope everyone is blessed wherever you are in the world reading this right now. We’ve gone international and have readers in Africa, Australia, New Zeland, Brazil, India, America and here in the UK. I don’t know how that happened but I am not complaining 🙂

Thank you to everyone following the site, the FB, the Twitter, the Instagram…It is appreciated.

I’ve been meaning to touch up on Vitamins and Minerals with you lot for a while now and I’ve gathered some research and will cover all areas to the best of my ability. Let’s get started…

Firstly, in this day and age more and more people are supplementing with Vitamins & Minerals. Some people say it’s not necessary as we get enough from our fdiet but is that really the case?

Over the next few weeks we will discuss:

  • What Vitamins and Minerals are?
  • The different types of Vitamins and Minerals out there.
  • The benefits of them.
  • How much is needed?
  • Foods that contain Vitamins & Minerals?
  • Any looking to see if you have a deficiency?

I’ll will refer to Vitamins & Minerals as V&M for certain parts of the post, so no need to get confused.

We’ll first start with “Vitamins”. What are they?

Any scientist will tell you Vitamins are organic compounds which are needed in small quantities to sustain life. We get vitamins from food because the human body either does not produce enough of them, or none at all (hence why it’s important to eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and all that good stuff).

All vitamins contain carbon. Without getting too scientific Carbon is the chemical element with the symbol C and atomic number 6. As a member of group 14 on the periodic table – LOL, you remember the periodic table from school right…Anyway…

Usually you will see on food labels & vitamin containers the 3 letters RDA which simply stands for “RECOMMENDED DAILY ALLOWANCE”

Research shows that the RDA isn’t always correct and that sometimes what is recommended is quite simply not enough for the human body but I will let you come to your own conclusion on that…Vitamins get more interesting though…Read on…


They are broken down into two groups:

The two groups

  1. Water Soluble
  2. Fat Soluble

Water-soluble vitamins (B vitamins and vitamin C) get flushed out from the body; therefore there’s a need to consume these vitamins on a daily basis. On the other hand, fat-soluble vitamins (Vitamins A, D, E, and K) get stored in the body’s fatty tissues. Each vitamin plays a different role on the body for your well being.

Here’s a list of the different types of Vitamins

  • Vitamin A: it helps a great deal in improving your eyesight. Also it aids in maintaining healthy skin. Rich sources of vitamin A are: eggs, milk, apricots, carrots, spinach and sweet potatoes etc.
  • Vitamins B: vitamin B is a list of multiple vitamins like B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, folic acid, biotin, and pantothenic acid. Vitamin B aids in generating energy that the body utilizes to carry out its activities. Vitamin B also participates actively in making red blood cells that carry oxygen to different parts of your body. Rich sources of vitamin B include whole grains, such as wheat and oats, fish and seafood, leafy green vegetables, dairy products like milk and yogurt, beans and peas etc.
  • Vitamin C: it helps in strengthening your gums and muscles. Vitamin C found in citrus fruits like oranges, also aids in healing wounds. It enables you to overcome infections. Foods rich in vitamin C, apart from citrus fruits are: tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage and strawberries etc.
  • Vitamin D: it works towards strengthening your bones and teeth. It also aids in absorbing the calcium required by the body. Foods rich in vitamin D are: fish, egg yolk, milk and other dairy products etc.
  • Vitamin E: It takes care of your lungs and also aids in formation of red blood cells. Good sources of vitamin E are: whole grains, such as wheat and oats, leafy green vegetables, egg yolks, nuts etc.
  • Vitamin K: vitamin K helps in the maintenance of normal levels of the blood clotting proteins. Good sources of vitamin K are: leafy green vegetables, dairy products, like milk and yogurt, pork etc.

Can you see why I always promote healthy eating and staying away from processed foods. You don’t gain anything from processed foods but fat and bad skin (and a number of bad stuff when I think about it).

I personally don’t feel I get enough Vitamins from my diet which is why I take additional Vitamins through supplementation. I myself use Opti-Men Nutrition Multivitamin but there are many great products on the market and I will be discussing some of them on my new Reviews & Supplements page.


I could talk about V&M all day as it really is a subject within itself but I am just trying to build you a foundation on the subject and save you some research time (all though I still recommend you do your own research to come to your own conclusion).

As well as taking a Multivitamin I also take additional Vitamin B, C & D as I personally require more than some others. Everyone’s different and will require different amounts depending on their lifestyle down to where they live in the world. I’ll give you an example:

I live in the UK where the sun doesn’t like to visit us very often and when it does it just says hello and then it’s gone again LOL sad times right. Now you may or may not know but you actually get Vitamin D from the sun… WAIT, let me rephrase that “vitamin D is made in the body through exposure to sunlight”. If you didn’t know that before I just taught you something new 🙂

It’s true, when you’re out Sunbathing your body is also churning out some good ole natural Vitamin D…pretty cool right. Now back to the point I was making.

We don’t see the sun over here in the UK hence why I supplement with additional Vitamin D…See where I’m coming from. Vitamin D is also necessary to absorb calcium and form healthy bones. So to all my people with Arthritis and weak bones, the Sun could do you some good!

Like I said I could talk about V&M all day and we haven’t even touched up on Minerals yet which is why I will break it down into parts.

I’ve been watching nutrition videos on YouTube, reading books, articles, magazines, going through forums… you name it and I always seem to find Vitamins & Energy in the same sentence. So it’s only right I touch up on the subject…

Vitamins roles on energy


Do vitamins give energy is a question that confuses people in and out of the gym and use to confuse me at one point also.

Well, here’s what I found. Vitamins do not directly serve as a source of energy, but they aid the enzymes that generate energy from the energy producing nutrients like protein, carbohydrates and fats. Therefore, they play a major role in helping out in the chemical reaction that leads to the generation of energy, which enables you to perform your daily routine activities effectively such driving a car lets say or focusing on something for more than 2 hours, working out, walking down to the shops…It could be anything. (I hope I didn’t loose any of you there LOL)

Don’t quote me on this but I’ve heard vitamin B3 works in combination with coenzyme Q10 (which is a Mineral & antioxidant) and contributes a great deal in boosting your energy levels. I will try out this combo for myself and let you know how get on.

You can get a decent amount V&M if you eat well. Don’t eat junk and expect you can balance it out with supplementation, it doesn’t work like that I’m afraid. You are better of aiming to eat well 100% of the time and at least if you don’t get 100% you will be close enough right…It’s that type of mentality you want to strive for.

If your diet is well of start by making little changes, taking baby steps is better than no steps I say. I look at the over all bigger picture rather than just week to week. It’s all good eating well for 12 weeks by going cold turkey on some bad foods but it’s better to take small steps if it means a lifestyle change…You dig?

I kid you not, you will feel a whole lot better by eating clean and getting some good V&M down you. Your skin will become clearer, you will feel more focused, you will have more energy, your sex drive increases (giggidy), you feel stronger and ready to take on the world. But don’t believe me, try it out for yourself.

Vitamins come in different forms and this is where you will start hearing/seeing the word “Bioavailability” but we will cover that next week along with, How much V&M is needed, V& M deficiencies and start looking at minerals and their effect within what we call the human body.

I hope some of you have learnt something reading this or at least remembered something you knew before. There’s a lot of information out there and it can get confusing, especially when it contradicts each other.

But what can I say, we just have to experiment and learn how our body works as I feel we are our own best teachers.

Eat Clean, Stay Lean & Stay Blessed, Avoid stress.

Much Love

David Richards


Body Fat Levels

Here’s a selection of pictures I found the other day showing body fat percentages for both men and women.

What body fat level looks good to you?

What do you strive for 2013?

What level do you think you are sitting at now that Christmas is over? LOL, did you go from 15% to 25%?

Whatever your situation, I will work with you in 2013 to achieve your goals.