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Stop thinking for just one moment

This message resonates with me quite a bit so I thought I’d share it for those who can relate.

Its so easy to over think things at times. Have you ever been in that situation?

It could be anything really. It could be related to relationships, work, family, gym…

Sometimes it could be something as small as, what am I going to train at the gym tomorrow or what should I have for dinner…Minor things.

I find with me it’s my future and my purpose in life. I feel I have a calling but I don’t know what it is so I’m always searching for something more and thinking what that “something” more could be.

And it’s so true, sometimes the best thing we can do in a situation where we are over thinking is to just breathe, relax and just have faith that it will all be OK.

Try it the next time you are in a situation where your mind is doing over time.

Remember guys, if you are breathing, you have food, love and a roof over your head, you are blessed and have no need to stress.

Much Love to you all…

Stay Blessed


I’d be lying if I said this was easy…My life is so blessed that I wake up everyday and count my blessings…even before I go sleep at night. I have a wonderful family, a roof over my head, a job, an abundance of food, strength, health and what some might call wealth but I still find myself down at times. Where all humans at the end of the day and living around so much negativity it’s hard to stay positive all the time.

I find myself in situations where it’s easy for me to get angry and kick off, but then I pause and think for a moment and by getting angry I’m only going to add fuel to the fire.

You see we have choices in life and in any given situation you have a choice whether to go down the positive route or the negative route.

Let’s say you’re at work and you get into a disagreement with someone and they decide to make a nasty comment towards you, you can react in two ways:

1) Say something nasty back to them – Your ego comes into light and you refuse to have someone speak to you like that. You say to yourself “who does this person think they are speaking to me like this” and you by default you add fuel to the fire. This is the route the majority of people go down because they go into “auto pilot” which you could also call instinct. As humans we instinctively go into defence mode as it’s a way for us to protect ourselves & it’s all we know. Then we have option two…

2) Ignore them – The hardest of the two wouldn’t you agree. Ego is one of our biggest enemies & once you learn how to control your ego your life becomes a lot more peaceful. Pride doesn’t allow some of you to do this though. Imagine being in the above situation and just ignoring the person. You being the fuel and them being the fire. By ignoring them only one thing can happen to that fire right…it has to die out. 

This isn’t easy though, if it was there wouldn’t be so much violence and negativity out in the world right now.

Staying positive isn’t easy…

I was in the gym today and my shoulder popped out it’s socket while I was training (yes I am in pain) and I had to cut my session short. I was angry, frustrated and just thought to myself “whats the point of training if all I’m going to do is cause injury to my body”. I now know I’m going to have to take 1-2 months out of the gym to give it time to heal. Even more annoyed as I’ve just recovered from another injury.

 In my head I was thinking, “I’m trying to live a good healthy life and take care of my body and I have this happen to me, what’s the point”.

I continued to feel like this while leaving the gym and just didn’t want to talk to anybody. I was feeling real negative to be honest. I got in my car to drive home and struggled to shift into 1st gear, the pain was that bad. So I just sat in my car for a few minutes hoping the pain would die down and to be honest I just wanted to cry and feel sorry for myself…

While more negative thoughts came into my head I paused out of nowhere and said “David, what are you doing…do you know how fortunate and blessed you are and your letting something as small as a shoulder injury get you down like this…man up”.

In that moment I thought about the people in the world who don’t know where there going to get there next meal from. I thought about the people in the world with no roof over there head. I thought about the people who are going through real heart ache in life and there and then I gave thanks and drove home…

I don’t really know what happened at that moment but all I know is something was telling me to stay positive. Some may call it God; some may call it positive energy.

 All I know is that I learned a crucial lesson today. When I’m in negative situations from now on, I will pause and remember just how blessed I am. I hope some can learn from my lesson also.


Staying positive takes practice and a lot of it. Everyone has the right to feel negative at times, I mean lets be honest we can’t always be positive can we, but we can try. It’s OK to be down as long as you pick yourself back up.

I’ve learnt that negative thinking is like planting a seed, keep those thoughts planted in your head and there just going to grow and grow and grow until it becomes hard to control…Try and catch yourself from early when you start thinking these thoughts before they spiral out of control.

People think I’m weird because I don’t watch the news…Why do I want to watch something so negative…All that’s ever reported is murder, rape, wars, prison, crime and all negative things associated…sorry but I don’t want to be apart of that. I’m sure lots of good things go on in the world but they chose not to report it. (That’s another topic of discussion anyway)

How can we stay positive if where hearing such sad things all the time. Energy is like electricity, it’s there but we can’t see it…We sure can feel it though.

Have you ever been in a situation where you and a group of friends are having fun, laughing and joking with each other and then another friend who is feeling down & depressed joins the group and suddenly out of nowhere the vibe just changes, that one energy changed everyone else’s…think about that one.

I hope some of you after you’ve read this really think about some of the things mentioned in this post. I was feeling a bit down when I started writing this but found myself trying to keep positive so I know it’s not easy. But I feel so much better now, so in writing this I’ve helped myself and hopefully it helps someone else.

I hope that when you do find yourself in a situation, whatever it may be, that you can pause, look inside yourself and control your thoughts which in turn will control your decisions, which in turn will control your destiny…

Positive or Negative, it’s your life, you decide…