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Happy New Year 2013

Posted: Jan 1, 2013 in Motivation
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Happy New Year 2013

I wish you all a Happy New Year & a unforgettable 2013.

New Years Resolutions: Changing my body

This picture here describes what happens to many of you every year. January 1st you are bursting with motivation and all fired up to change your body but as time goes on you slowly start falling off.

This is evident in the gyms as well and I see it all the time. Between January and March the gym’s are packed with people who want to change the way they look and to make a lifestyle change or for some they just ate to much over Christmas.

Whatever your reason…Don’t be a quitter!

I totally understand that it’s not easy to stick to a goal or to stay consistent, I’ve been there. But I’ve managed to over come this minor step back and so can you.

2013 is a good time to start doing things you said you was going do this year but just didn’t get round to. New Year, New start, New things.

Make your goals now and I will work with you in 2013 to achieve those goals. In the meantime, check some of my previous post on staying motivated and consistent.

I sincerely wish you all a Happy New Year & send nothing but peace and love to you all. Stay Blessed.

~David Richards~