Posted: Jan 12, 2016 in Motivation


Hey Guys,

Happy New Year everybody. I hope you are all well and had a wonderful Christmas.

Sorry I’ve been so quiet as of late. I’ve had a neck injury since late October and haven’t been to the gym or fully functional since, but I’ve been surviving and pushing through. I think I either slept badly or pulled something at the gym (who knows – I’m not one to speculate)

I’ve also been going through the process of moving home, and as you can imagine moving home can be very tiring and stressful – But me and the family are all good never the less.

How is everyone doing though – I hope you are all ready for a new year ahead, have lot’s of goals planned and aren’t feeling to stuffed from Christmas LOL.

This year I will be dropping my highly anticipated e-book online for free with the hope of writing more as time goes on. Finding publishers to put your stuff out there isn’t easy and although self publishing does exist, in order for me to make any money from writing, I’d need to grow my following to 50,000 plus (no easy task) but I’m confident the Universe will work something out for me (just gotta have faith and keep putting that work in)

Anyhoo, that’s me for today as I’m now on my way back to my old house to finish clearing up the rest of the junk that is just lying there (the amount of stuff me and my family have accumulated over the last 9 years is just beyond me LOL)

No promises people, but I look to be back soon to give you lot some more QOTW, Fat Loss Tips, New Exercises, Motivational content and anything thing else that y’all request (Just email me a topic and I’ll blog about it if I have the knowledge)

In life, it’s hard to make promises sometimes as you never know what blockages are going to be in the way, and this I have come to learn.

I love you guys 🙂

Stay True, Stay You


David Richards


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