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Hey Guys,

My brother just sent me an email with this cool video. Although it’s not fitness or food related, it’s still pretty cool never the less and makes you think.

We treat animals so cruel in this world because they cannot “speak” like human beings, but that doesn’t make it right.

Animal cruelty is wrong and doing “test” on them is quite a touchy subject (one which we won’t get into at this time)

When you think, 98% of the population eat “DEAD ANIMAL FLESH” (including myself). It’s even worst when you think that most of the animals are being fed chemicals and hormones for bigger and faster growth (Call it Steroids if you will)

We have been grown up to eat meat aka “DEAD ANIMAL FLESH”, but the more conscious I become, the more I think about my everyday actions (including what I eat).

I’ve now taken it upon myself to move towards a more healthier way of eating (cutting down/out meat)…

But damn it feels hard!

I enjoy eating BBQ chicken, glazed ribs, mixed grills etc – But for the love of the animals and for my own health, I must think consciously about what I put into my temple aka my body.

Today is a random post but I hope you take something from it anyway 🙂

There was no “Quote of the Week” this week as I switched it up on Monday and gave you some motivation and a video instead but QOTW will always live and will be back next week 😀

Anyway guys, I’m out…

Catch y’all soon….