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OK, so it’s quite clear that without motivation we aren’t likely to get anything done – Would we all accept that as a reality?

Moving on, it’s easy to watch a 10 minute motivational video filled with explosive energy and get pumped up for a while feeling like it’s your time.

You know how it is, you watch the video and think:

“Yep, I’m gonna make it happen and no ones gonna stop me”

Only to find yourself next Monday morning lacking motivation again…

You find that the energy you were once holding onto after watching the video is slowly fading away – It happens!

This is why staying in the zone takes practice. It’s like anything in life really.

You don’t go to the gym once and get in shape. It takes a conscious decision on your part everyday to eat well, train smart and get adequate rest.

The same goes for working on your mind and improving your day to day life.

You have to try to remain conscious on improving yourself and all aspects of yourself!

Did you know that the the majority of the world use 95% of their sub conscious minds in their day to day everyday life?

Do you know what this really means when we’re discussing motivation and personal excellence?

Do you know what happens if you decide to flip it around and consciously use 95% of you conscious mind vs the 95% of your sub conscious mind that you’ve been using your WHOLE life?

Without deviating too much, I invite you all to watch a video by Bruce Lipton called:

Conscious vs the Subconscious

Youtube it for now but I will post it up on my videos page at some point this week.

I will leave it here as today is a short one and I have ALOT of stuff to sort out (The days when my weekends use to be free LOL)

Thank you guys so much for reading my material – I love writing anyway, but your kind words keep me aligned and focused on my life’s mission – Serving You 😀

Much Love & Stay Motivated