The Meatrix – And You Thought Cartoons Were Just for Kids

Posted: Nov 13, 2013 in Fat Loss, Fitness, Motivation, Nutrtion
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Hey guys,

How’s everyone doing. Upon doing my weekly research, I stumbled across this video which I feel is a genius idea.

What is the Meatrix you may be asking?

Think the Matrix but to do with animals, hence the name “Meatrix” LOL.

It is a fun, clever, animated short film that goes a long way in explaining some key concepts about factory farming.

There is a lot of dirty secrets being kept from us when it comes to the food industry and I am here to reveal the truth to you and to open your eyes as to what is REALLY going on with the foods available to us and to shed some light on the industry itself.

Nutritional education should be something taught in schools from an early age, but sadly it isn’t.

What is the consequence of this?

We grow up mis-informed and mis-educated as to what we are putting into our bodies.

We get sick and question why we are sick without ever knowing that our diets are making us ill!

Stick with me and I will show you the road to a better life:

Mind, Body and Soul

Enjoy the video and I hope you learn something new.

David 🙂

  1. Ryan Goodman says:

    Hey, thanks for being open to and bringing up a discussion about our food supply. I think it’s interesting that you linked to my post in the Related Articles section, that asks us to investigate more into what occurs in our food supply and modern farming. But that means doing so by reaching out and talking with a variety of actual farmers.

    As a member of the farming community, having been involved in cattle ranching my entire life, including what you may label as a factory farm, I find the campaigns and motives behind the Meatrix animation to be misleading and NOT representative of what actually happens on farms and ranches across the country. I encourage you to reach out and learn about your food from those who actually have their hands covered in dirt and grease from the work, not groups who have an agenda to eliminate family farmers no matter the cost.

    Here’s a good place to start in finding family farmers and ranchers who represent American agriculture communities –

    • deesfitness says:

      Hi Ryan,

      Many thanks for your detailed message, it is much appreciated.

      I agree with you in that we must speak directly with the farmers rather than follow the media per say.

      My intention is to bring awareness to people about food in general via research on top of further research.

      Foods in regards to farming is a new subject of study for myself and many others and I will continue researching the subject to find what truth I can.

      I am happy to hear any further thought’s and opinions you may have on the subject or similar.

      Once again, thank you for your message and keep up the great work.

      Many Thanks,

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