Progress Report – 84 day countdown

Posted: Aug 15, 2013 in Fitness, Life, Motivation
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Some guys that asked to take a picture with me whilst I was training on Holiday in Cyprus. (The 1st time that’s ever happened to me)

Hey guys,

After some request, I will be posting up the remainder of my journey to the WBFF European Champions which is taking place on November 9th 2013 @ the Greenwich o2 arena.

For those of you who don’t know, I have decided to compete against some of the best physiques in Europe to be crowned the Fitness model of 2013.

I’ve always wanted to compete after taking an interest in bodybuilding around 2008 when I first got into weight lifting and studying nutrition.

It takes serious discipline to get in competition shape as you have to get your body fat percentage as low as possible whilst maintaining muscle mass – Not an easy task. On top of this I won’t be using any steroids or external chemicals to help me get ready – Just food, gym and sleep – And a small supplement stack 🙂

I get asked a lot why I want to compete and I think the real underlying reason is that I want to prove to myself that I can actually do it.

It’s one thing saying you’re gonna compete someday and another thing actually doing it!

As I’ve said before, this will be my 1st time competing on stage so it’s all new to me.

I was practicing some posing last week and realised I have a lot of stuff to work on. I have to learn to:

Smile whilst posing (trying not to look awkward)

Learn to walk all sexy n stuff whilst maintaining a level of muscularity

Look good in some tight ass trunks (I have to get this booty tightened up LOL)

Portray character using my body alone

Breathe through my teeth (whilst smiling)

On top of this I’m in the gym at least 5-6 x a week getting my bodyfat down, smashing the weights, sleeping and eating as clean as possible (Nothing sweet for 90-100 days…Not fair as I love sweet stuff LOL)

Unlike my clients, with myself it is simply experimentation with a bit of hope. What do I mean by this?

Well, I am not following any specific diet or training program…I am simply experimenting over the next 85 days whereas with my clients I give them a structured programs to follow with slight room for flexibility.

I’m keeping things low carb at the moment but that can change at any time. My protein intake, fats and veg (fibre) are all balanced to maintain well being and sufficient energy.

I will post my supplement stack and finer detail in another post for those interested.

Today’s post was just me to sharing a few thoughts with you guys.

Over the next few weeks I will be watching videos with Ronnie Coleman, Kai Greene, Jay Cutler, Phil Heath, Arnold schwarzenegger, Dexter Jackson, Branch Warren, Eric Thomas, CT Fletcher just to name a few.

I know I have what it takes to win and be crowned the European champion. To be fair, in my head I’m a champion already as I put 100% in everything I do (well sometimes 99.9% LOL)

But in all seriousness, I’m also doing this to show people that they too can do whatever it is they want to do in life. You saw my body transformation this year after my shoulder dislocation and I will show you again what hard work, discipline, consistency, determination and will power can do to shape your life (or your body even)

WBFF, here we come…

Have a dream, make it a reality and live the best life ever.

Unconditional Love to you all

David 🙂

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