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Hey guys,

I hope everyone’s well wherever you are reading from.

Today I want to share with you some new stuff I’m learning which is helping to improve the quality of my life. Simply ideas and exercises which cost nothing and take very little effort.

I’ll first start by saying…

We become what we think about. Therefore you need to monitor your thoughts. Are they working with you or against you? Are they positive or negative? Are they good or bad? What are you thinking now…?

“The mind is our slave but we become a slave of the mind without ever realising”

Acknowledge you are not your thoughts or emotions. To help with this, simply imagine you are someone else for a moment, a friend maybe? Imagine you are your friend talking to yourself. Using me as an example, I would therefore no longer refer to myself as “I” but as “David”…Makes sense?

Or imagine your watching yourself run for the bus or even lying in bed…

This is what is referred to as “3rd Person Perspective”

Another exercise which to practice everyday is to simply imagine you are a character in a movie call “Life“, the star being you (because you are a star).

Now imagine you are the director of that movie. Being the director, you say what goes down right? The director directs what happens next…

Reflect upon your day/life before you go to sleep as if you are watching back the movie called “Life” which you are the director of and ask yourself:

What could have been done differently today?
How can I improve tomorrow?
What changes can be made to this movie?
What will be the outcome of this movie?
What characters do I want in this movie?
What would make the star of the movie (yourself) happier everyday?
How can this character improve as a person?
Why does the star of my movie have insecurity issues?

Really dig deep and start asking questions both about yourself and life…

Remember, as the director of this movie called “Life“, you direct what happens today and tomorrow…You and no one else. No one can direct your movie for you except YOU!

Being stuck in the rat race on top of family, friends, social life etc we have no real time to think and reflect.

Thinking and reflecting is a form of mediation which helps us identify what is important in our lives and what isn’t.

Do you feel like you have a purpose in life or are you just living for the sake of living?

If you do have a purpose, are you serving it?

What is life?

Why are we here?

Where do feelings and emotions come from?

What are dreams and how do they work?

Today is a short one but one which I hope provokes some thought and opens your eyes to see that life is more than what you can see with your two eyes. Also, I hope that today helps you see that you are not your thoughts or emotions.

Once you start to open up to this concept, feelings such as anger, jealousy and envy don’t affect you as much as you see that they are just “emotions” and not something which you necessarily have to act from as they don’t form who you are…unless you let them!

Catch y’all soon