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Posted: Jul 10, 2013 in Motivation, Quotes
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Let me start off by saying, Summer is finally here 🙂

Everyone’s happier, the evenings are longer and brighter, flowers are blooming, birds are singing and the positive vibes are flowing. I’m here to keep the vibes flowing with another quote of the week and to provoke some more thought.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”

Does this make sense to you? At one point it didn’t for me but now I fully get it. Let’s explore a bit deeper and hopefully I can make it clear for some who may not understand.

Everything starts of with a thought. You are where you are in life at this very moment because of your thoughts. You are in control of  your thoughts, you and no one else.

Through your  thoughts, you can decide the next step you take on this journey called life.

Through your thoughts you can determine how you want to look, who you want to be, where you want to be, what you want to achieve, how much money you’d like to earn, who you choose to marry, what car you drive, how you treat people, how you feel day to day, reaching for a snack, going to the gym, down to reading this blog post at this very moment…

Can you see how powerful thought is?

What is thought though? Have you really asked yourself that question? Where does it come from? Can it be measured? If psychics can really read our minds, do they know what thoughts we’ll come up with next? If so, that leads me to question free will? Do plants have thoughts? If so, what do they  think about?

We as individuals can see our thoughts in our minds but we can’t show them to people like you would a video on Youtube.

It’s almost as if thought exist in another realm somewhere and in order for us to bring them into manifestation on this physical 3d plane we need to take a number of “strategic  steps” for people to see what we can see in our minds. In order for people to see our thoughts, believe in our dreams and truly experience them with us we have to first know that it is possible.

martin-luther-king-jr-day-L-xGOagM1Martin Luther King had a dream, a thought, an idea, a clear visual image in head which at one point we couldn’t see. But he took it upon himself to take a number of “strategic steps” to make that dream a reality. To make the once invisible thought become a visible reality.

He worked hard to share his vision with us and that’s what we have to do with our great idea’s, big dreams, ambitions and aspirations. Life is limitless, but by making the wrong choices we limit ourselves.

Say for example a guy watches a documentary about Bodybuilding and loves the lifestyle they live. He loves all the eating, the sleeping, competing, training twice a day and all the aspects that comes with that lifestyle and decides to himself:

“You know what, I want to become a Bodybuilder” – He leaves himself open to two choice. He could:

A) Just leave the idea as a thought, you know, a nice little idea in the back of his mind.Never taking action to make that dream a goal, he limits himself never really living to his full potential. One day however, he look’s back on his life once he’s settled down with his wife and kids and thinks “What if”… Don’t be a what if-er. I’m going to cover what if-er’s, buts, maybes and regret’s real soon as that’s as that’s an interesting topic within it itself. His second choice is:

B) Set a goal and make that thought become a reality (turn invisible into the visible). Do whatever it takes to not only become a Bodybuilder but the best damn Bodybuilder there is. (This reminds me, I must upload some Arnold Schwarzenegger motivational videos)


Thought is like electricity… We can’t see it but we know it exist. Just look around you. The world we live in is built around thought. You still don’t believe me…

The car you or someone you know drives…A load of people gathered round together and thought up a bunch of ideas  before that car came into existence. The design of the car, the price it cost, they also came up with it’s name whether it be BMW or Ford, it’s logo, the models that will be available and a whole list of other stuff. They put it on the market which then made it available for you to purchase and drive. This process doesn’t “Just Happen” 

Come to think about it, nothing ever “Just Happens”.

The shopping  centre you and I shop from…It didn’t just appear one day out from out of the skies…It was through thought how it came into manifestation.

The same applies to movies, TV shows, commercials and even music. A singer/songwriter for example usually goes through an experience and through that experience they get a thought/idea about a song to write, record that song and then release it for our listening ears to share the experience. I wasn’t there but I know Katie Perry kissed a girl and liked it very much 🙂


Even the tough situations we face…it’s through our thoughts that we decide the outcome. Do we get knocked down and stay down or do we get back up and keep fighting. The choice is yours.

When this concept was first brought to me, I had difficulty understanding it (many people do).

But as time goes on, if you become more aware of your thoughts and consciously monitor your thinking, you start to realise that you literally shape your future and the outcome of ALL situations.

I invite you all to try this an experiment for one week as I don’t want you to believe the information I give you but would rather you go research and try it out for yourselves. What do you have to loose? If it doesn’t work for you it cost nothing but a little effort.

To believe means to be-lied to which is a state of ignorance – Accepting something you cannot prove is ignorant which is why I say research it and find the truth for yourself. Once accepted as truth for yourself you are no longer in that state of ignorance.

If this information resonates with you in any way, shape or form or you gain something from the experiment after a week, you can then build on from your experience and start taking REAL control over your life.

The choice is yours for the taking…

Have a great week guys and Love to you all


David Richards


Quotes by: Tony Robins/David Richards

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