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Posted: Jun 10, 2013 in Life, Motivation, Quotes
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Hello friends,

I hope this reaches you all in good spirit.

It doesn’t feel like it’s been a week since I wrote the last quote of the week, time really appears to be speeding up. Although the clocks are functioning as normal, could we be perceiving reality differently as a consequence of some type of consciousness shift?…That’s just me thinking deeply….ANYWAY…

Another Monday, another quote…

I’ve been feeling real motivated recently and filled with lot’s of positive energy and if my blog allows me to share this positivity with you guys via the “World Wide Web” not only is it my duty but also my pleasure…

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence”

How many of you can truly say your living to the best of your ability? How often do you tackle a task with 100% effort.

You may be working towards something and expecting a 100% return but the reality is, if your only putting in 70%, you will get back a 70% return. You reap what you sow is a very true saying.

Let’s say fat loss for example. If you’re eating clean day in day out, but you’re not training consistently and getting adequate rest to recover, you won’t be seeing the results you are after. Why? Not because your eating isn’t right but because you’re not doing everything it takes to get there…You’re not giving it 100%.  Makes sense right?

Putting your all into something isn’t easy though and it does require you to have heart and a ton of effort.

I’d be lying if I said I gave 100% every time. However, I never kid myself if I don’t get the results I’m after (especially if I know I didn’t give it my all)

In a situation like this, we have no one to blame but ourselves and once we take responsibility for our actions we take responsibility and control of our life’s…Think about that for a moment!

It comes down to how hungry you are and how much you’re willing to eat your way through the hardship that comes with being successful. It doesn’t “Just Happen” over night and once you have accepted this, it makes your journey a whole lot easier because you are mentally prepared for whatever challenges you may face.

Once you realise that you have the power to achieve whatever it is you want out of life, your perception on reality changes dramatically and you perceive things like pain as your friend. I see pain as someone wanting to help me by making me stronger and never giving up. My pain keeps me going….

Personal excellence may be live right next door to you or a few doors down. Heck, it might not even live in your area…

All this is irrelevant though for as long as you have the will, the desire and the urge, the keys are rightfully yours and that door is waiting to be opened.

Have a wonderful week and keep smiling because you’re special 🙂

David Richards


Quotes by: Confucius/David Richards

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