My Journey to Getting Ripped – 11 Weeks Out

Posted: Apr 24, 2013 in Motivation
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11 weeks out. Just had a fantastic session. Chest and Shoulders took a good beating. When I go to the gym tomorrow morning I will work the 3 heads of the shoulder individually to bring out some more detail and separation.

For Chest I mixed it up today and done the following:

Flat Bench Dumbell Flies 3 x 20 reps – 10kg
Incline Smith Machine Press 5 x 15 reps – 30kg
Incline Dumbell Flies 4 x 8-10 reps – Starting from 26kg and going up 2kg each set
Cable Flies – 4 x 15reps – 30kg

For Shoulders I just kept it simple and used the Shoulder press machine (my shoulders are still recovering but I’m just grateful I can train them again)

Tomorrow morning the Back, Delts and abs will get a working. If I got time I will throw in some light cardio.

Now time for some dinner. On the menu today we have some curry chicken with mixed sea food, broccoli and avocado. I would have some coriander leaves but I can’t find them…I know, random.

Keep pushing and you to can reach your goals. Break them down into chunks and take everyday as it comes.

Much love to you all

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