Dee’s Quick tip of the week

Posted: Apr 12, 2013 in Life, Motivation, Nutrtion, Quick Tips
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Hey folks,

I hope everyone’s well. Today I’m starting a new series of blog post called “Quick tip of the week”. I will be covering anything I can think of that I feel you may find useful from fitness to your day to day working life.

Today’s tip is do with a friend of mine called “Tupperware”. He is inexpensive and will help you keep your diet on track. He is small, portable and easy to carry around. Another benefit is that he also comes in different shapes and sizes and will help you save money by not having to buy fast food when you’re out on the move.

You can be sure to purchase him from your local super market, corner shop or even online.

There are no excuses to not stick to your diet once he is around so what are you waiting for, he is waiting for you to go pick him up.

I’ll be back sooner than you think with another quick tip 🙂

Enjoy your weekend guys.


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