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Hi Guys,

As a lot of you are aware, I’ve been working hard at transforming my body over the last 90 days. This was for a competition I entered at my local gym against other local members. I had a number of reasons for entering, but my main reason was I needed a boost, I needed some motivation. Why did I need a boost though?

Well, as some of you are aware, back in December 2012, I partially dislocated my shoulder and had to take some time off training. Truth be told, within this time I lost a lot of motivation and came off track big time. I went on a see food diet (If I saw it, I ate it LOL). No joke, I kinda started eating like how I use to before I started training which is not the norm for me these days.

Christmas being that month didn’t help either as it was just an excuse for me to gorge myself in food and come up with all these lame excuses for my lack of dedication. I’m usually a fighter but in this short space of time I kinda gave up.

I was just down at the fact that my training was going so well, my diet was on point, then out of no where comes an injury. I started asking, “Why me”. On top of this I had some other stuff going on in my personal life which was just adding fuel to the fire.

Anyway…When I heard about this challenge it gave me an incentive to stop feeling sorry for myself, fix up and get back on track.

The injury also taught me a lesson…It taught me that in life, things aren’t always going to be smooth and there will be many up’s and down’s. We will get knocked down time and time again but as long as we get back up and keep fighting then we can only get stronger.

At the end of the day guys, we are only human beings, being human. Life is here for us to enjoy and learn lessons. Situations will be placed upon us, call it a test if you like and it is down to us whether we pass or fail…The choice is ours.

I decided after feeling sorry for myself that I was going to get in the best shape of my life and guess what, I’m on my way.

My shoulder isn’t 100% but I’m training around it and to building what I’ve lost.

I’m looking to do another 90 days but this time round I’m going to step up my training like never before and keep my diet cleaner than it’s ever been. This should have me looking pretty ripped come July. I’ve set myself some new goals and this will help keep me motivated over the next 90 days.

  1. I want to do a photo shoot
  2. I aiming for sponsorship
  3. I’d love to step on stage and compete for the 1st time
  4. By transforming my body, I’m showing people it’s possible. I’m human like the rest of you. If I can inspire people, this within itself will keep me going.

Whenever I feel like I’m coming of track or loosing motivation, I will look back at these 4 goals and remember why I’m doing it. Consistent training and eating clean isn’t easy. If it was, we would all have our dream physiques.

I’m loving this journey and feel like I’m just getting started 🙂

Set your goals and go chase em.

Much Love

David Richards