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Posted: Mar 26, 2013 in Motivation, Quotes, Success
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No matter how many goals you have achieved, you must set your sights on a higher one. I feel that by having goals in life, it allows us to stay motivated, driven and to keep striving for more. I believe that the day you are satisfied, or for better words, comfortable, is the day you stop really living life.

I apply this same analogy to Bodybuilding. I keep aiming for improvements because I know the day I look in the mirror and say “I’m there now” is the day I stop giving 100%. I mean think about it, why would I need to give 100% if I’ve already crossed the finish line so to speak.

So the next time you aim for the sky and finally get there, reach for the stars. Once you reach the stars, see if you can go even higher…Who knows where life will take us. Remember, we are our own limitations and nothing can stop us from achieving our dreams. We have the power within us to do the impossible. Keep dreaming, keep positive and know you will get there.

Enjoy the rest of the week guys and blessings to you all.

Much Love

David Richards


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Hey guys. I talk a lot about nutrition and healthy eating and sometimes it’s easy to forget the little things like herbs and spices. Now don’t get it twisted, herbs and spices contain a whole heap of health benefits and can be easily added to your favourite dishes and smoothies.

Here are 6 of the many spices I thought I’d share with you. We can call this an intro into the topic as I look to cover this area in depth in the near future. We all know I like to get busy in the kitchen as well LOL, so I will share some of my personal recipes with you all using the above spices.

For now, educate yourself on the above and get them into your diet to start reaping the benefits.