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This video not only gives me chills but pushes me every time I need a kick. I had to share with you guys. Enjoy.

Quote of the week

Posted: Nov 30, 2012 in Motivation

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt


Hi Guys. How are we all doing? I know a lot of you are ill this time of the year due to the cold weather so I hope you are all wrapping up warm.

Before I go on to tip #3 I’ll just explain briefly where I’ve been or what I’ve been up to (because I have been a bit quiet recently)

I have been so busy guys. Working 7 days a week while studying has been killing me. On top of that my sleeping pattern has totally gone out the window due to some serious insomnia which has occurred recently. Trying to juggle everything has been real difficult but I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve just been taking on to much.

On top of that I’ve started studying for my level 3 in sports massage. I thought I could balance it all but I wasn’t being realistic (had to learn the hard way I suppose). But I have my weekends back now so I can start showing you guys some more love.

Anyway, enough of my life story and back to business…Fat Loss Tip #3 – Only Eat When You’re Hungry.

Now if you’re like me and you love your food it’s easy to eat for no reason right. Have you ever had that, where you randomly walk up to the fridge and  have yourself a little browse or even start searching through your cupboards for a little treat LOL. This can be caused by boredom or just pure cravenness (sometimes both). But I find when I’m in that “Christmas spirit” I eat for the sake of it and so do many of you (be honest now).

It’s all good when your tucking into them mince pies and stuffing your face with stuffing (see what I just did there) turkey, potatoes, rice and all that good food you have around Christmas, but it’s unnecessary if you aren’t hungry and you’re just eating for the sake of eating.

Don’t get me wrong, every now and then I think you should just go for it and treat yourself. But this tip is more aimed to the people who will binge eat everyday regardless of whether there hungry or not (does this sound like you?)

By only eating when you’re hungry you lessen the chances of blowing up like a balloon and feeling down about yourself once the “Christmas period” is over. There’s two sides to everything – feel good eating that cake now, feel bad later when those jeans don’t fit. Think about that one…

Have you ever ate something and got deep satisfaction while eating it but the moment you’ve had your last bite you think to yourself “why did I just do that” LOL, happens to me all the time on my treat days but that’s another story.

The point I’m trying to make here guys is that you can eat and enjoy yourself – No problem.

You can even eat until your hearts content – No Problem.

But if you want to avoid what I call a crazy scale jump, try this tip here and “Only Eat When Your Hungry”

I will be back soon with tip #4 for the winter edition series.

Remember now guys, wrap up warm and watch how you go.

Stay Well & Stay Blessed – Peace

Quote of the week

Posted: Nov 22, 2012 in Motivation

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

– E. E. Cummings


Hi guys, how is everyone today. I hope everyone’s living good. Following my last blog post on the Fat Loss Winter Edition tip #1, let’s get started with tip #2 – “Stay Active, Keep Moving”

Now before I get started, I’m fully aware that a lot of people who read my blog may not necessarily go to the gym or even train. I do take this into consideration when posting and always try to include alternatives to exercises. I say this as my intention is to make the blog for everyone.

Now, around winter and Christmas people tend to get a lot more lazier, sluggish and use the excuse “It’s Christmas, I’m aloud to eat whatever I want” and to be fair you’re right… You can eat whatever you want, not just at Christmas but at any time you wish. But you see, by making excuses you will pay a price…What is that price you may be thinking???

Let’s say for example:

You start pigging out around the end of November and throughout the duration of December. You trick yourself and say “No problem, it’s winter, no one will see me topless anyway”…I’m sure you’ve heard that one before right (maybe even said it yourself LOL)…That’s all good though until Jan/Feb rolls around and your a stone heavier. NOW, what’s the price you have to pay here…I think there are a few to be honest but the one that strikes me the most is the fact that you have to loose that weight… You now have to put in the effort to loose them pounds whether it be cardio, weight training, a strict diet or all three – This can all be avoided though if you keep active & keep moving. Here are some ideas I’ve come up with:

1) Take the stairs instead of the lift. Every little helps right… Even better if your on the 10th floor LOL

2) Try walking to places you often visit that are convenient for you to do so. Walking is a great form of cardio that doesn’t place too much stress on the body.

3) Go for a walk on your lunch break. Especially if you work in an office. Sitting down for 8 hours a day is not healthy, especially if you’re barely moving.

4) If you don’t own a gym membership you have no excuse. You can use your own bodyweight to get your pump on. Exercises like push ups, burpees, body weight squats, crunches (just to name a few) are a great way to keep in shape.

5) Try cycling instead of taking some other form of transport whether that be bus, train, tram, tube, dlr or car – I did that on purpose 🙂

6) If you have children you can wrap up warm and go play outside ( that’s if you have the energy LOL)

These are just a few ideas I’ve brainstormed together. I will add more in the up & coming weeks. Please feel free to share your ideas as well as I love hearing from you guys. Look out for next weeks fat loss tip #3 – on the winter edition.

And remember guys, no time to stand still, “You gotta keep moving”…

Quote of the Week

Posted: Nov 15, 2012 in Motivation

The sky has never been the limit. We are our own limits. It’s then about breaking our personal limits and outgrowing ourselves to live our best lives.

Milton Berle

Hey Guys,

I hope your all good. Tip #2 will be coming tomorrow 15/11/12…I started writing it up and it was going so well then my web browser crashed 😦 I’m quite upset as I put a lot of work into it but everything happens for a reason and it’s happened already so I won’t dwell on the past.

As I have to be up at 5.30am I can’t re-write it again and I know a lot of you have been looking forward to what this weeks tip was so apologies my good people.

Take Care


Hey Guys,

This is just a quick thank you to those that are following, liking and showing me love. I’m just a normal guy like everyone else who decided to make a website based around life & fitness (the two things I love) and it seems to be doing really well (better than I anticipated to be honest). I’m motivated even more knowing that there is an interest in what I have to say and that people actually like reading what I write 🙂

I’m so busy these days but I refuse to let that stop me from doing what I love. I will continue to learn so I can continue to educate.

Thanks to everyone following me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Thank you if you are reading this right now…I’m just getting started!

Much Love

The Purpose of Life

Posted: Nov 6, 2012 in Motivation
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What is the purpose of life? Why are we here? Why was we created?

Have you sat down and really thought about those questions fully?

Without meaning to sound negative, we are created and put upon this earth, we live for a number of years and then we pass away. Can you see where I’m coming from when I ask, “What is the purpose of life”?

Now, you can ask a thousand people this same question and get a thousand different answers and the thing is right, none of the answers would be wrong because each individual is different. You see, your answer boils down to a number of factors, such as:

-Your Upbringing

-Your Thoughts

-Your Beliefs

-Your Aspirations

-The way you live your life

So I suppose the question really should be “What is YOUR purpose in life”?

Hopefully by now I have some of you thinking. I feel it’s a difficult question to answer if you haven’t really given it much thought before, but I definitely feel it’s a question worth thinking about (that’s if you haven’t already)

I have many different views on the subject, some of which I will share with you today, but before I do so I want to share a poem with you which will make sense a little later…Here goes…

Don’t Be Sad When I Die

When tomorrow starts without me,
and I’m not there to comfort you,
please know that I still love you,
cause I know you love me too.

When tomorrow starts without me,
and you feel lost and blue,
I hope these words I’ve written
will help to see you through.

Someday your pain will ease,
sadness replaced by fond memories
Come tomorrow you will hear
I love you whispered on the breeze.

When tomorrow starts without me
cause God has called me home
I turn, blowing a kiss for thee
Sad that you may feel alone.

I will miss you tomorrow
as I take one last glimpse
a tear falls from my cheek
I’ll be going home.

And tomorrow will start without me.

Nice little poem right, sad but nice at the same time. I keep stressing it guys and will continue to do so, “Life is short, enjoy now, the PRESENT (which is essentially a gift) and live for today”. I feel life is about getting as much as you can out of everyday because when that day has passed guess what, it’s not coming back!

I feel life is about loving everyone around you, smiling and being happy. As hard as it is I believe life is also about forgiving…especially if the person is close to. Don’t let grudges ruin relationships because of ego, let all that go.

I would love to spend more time with my family but life throws things at you sometimes, you know how it is…I just try to find time when I can because the last thing I want is regret…The regret that I didn’t make the effort when they was around and then I find myself reciting poems like the above…If you love someone and you haven’t told them in a while, do it now, do it while you still can…

I believe that one of my purposes in life is helping other people…It’s not something I can explain, it’s just a feeling in my heart, something which feels right. I reckon that’s another reason why I write this blog because I feel like I’m helping at least one person out there in the wide world and that alone keeps me going.

I believe life is about doing what you love doing and following your passion everyday so when you look back on your life you have no regrets…

I really could go on forever about my philosophies on the matter but I don’t want to start boring anyone…

To sum it all up though, some of my beliefs regarding our Life’s purpose is to:

  1. Help others as much as you can
  2. Love others around you
  3. Enjoy life to the fullest
  4. Learn about yourself as an individual (Mentally and Spiritually)
  5. Have Fun
  6. Live with no regrets
  7. Avoid dwelling on the past (you can’t change yesterday)
  8. Make goals and achieve them
  9. Chase your dreams
  10. Be happy

So guys, think about this one real hard the next time you have some silent time. Make it a topic of discussion with work colleagues, family and friends…

Feel free to send me what you come up with as I would love to hear from you. For some it might be a bit more personal & that’s totally understandable…For some they may not be ready to answer such questions…And again, that’s totally understandable…

But do you know what’s funny guys, after all this I still wake up in the morning sometimes and ask “What is the purpose of life”….


Quote of the day

Posted: Nov 4, 2012 in Motivation

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. Explore, Dream & Discover.