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Training when your ill

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Hey guys. As some of you know I haven’t trained for the past few days (nearly a week) due to a cold I’ve come down with. The cold hit me quite hard so I’ve just been resting and eating a lot (what’s new LOL). However, this inspired me to write today’s blog as I know there is a lot of discussion about whether to train or not when you’re ill.

Now I’ve come to learn everyone’s different, our bodies don’t all react to the same thing. You know how it goes, what works for person A might not work for person B.

Me personally I avoid the gym at all cost. My reason for this is I feel worst after the gym session and even worst the next day. But then I’ve come across people who train when there ill and claim it makes them feel better…

I have been researching this topic for some time now and want to share a small extract I found from an article:

QUOTE – “The flu, as you may have already found out by experience, is much more severe as it is usually accompanied by an array of body aches and fever. Therefore, your body’s immune system is taxed much more by the flu than by the common cold. At this time, bodybuilding training would not only be detrimental to muscle growth, but it would also to your health as well. Remember that while training can help us gain muscle, lose fat, feel good and energetic, it is still a catabolic activity.” END QUOTE

Now this article here is referring to having the flu. As we all know there is a major difference between the cold and the flu. However, I still feel when I have a cold my body is in a catabolic state (loosing muscle).

The thing is right; I have read some studies which show training in itself breaks down the immune system (I’m still researching more into how true this is).

I just think you guys have to listen to your own bodies when it comes down to this kind of thing. Listening to your body is vital and I am a strong advocate in this belief. So much so I think “Listening to your body” should be a future blog post, let me know what you guys think?

However, if you are persistent on training when your ill I would say make the weight a little lighter and do more reps. Cut your cardio time in half or drop the speed a little, this is just my opinion.

When I’m ill I try to eat more fruit and vegetables. I supplement with extra vitamin C and make sure I wrap up warm. It’s coming up to the winter now so take extra caution as everyone starts getting ill this time of the year.

Look after yourself guys, train smart and listen to your bodies.

Much Love