My Training and Diet – Phase 1 of 3

Posted: Sep 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

The time has now come for me to step things up a notch. I told everyone that come September 1st I was going to do a body transformation but I never exposed what that transformation was going to involve. So here goes…

Phase 1 of 3 – Lean Bulking

All phases are 4 months each. 4 x 3 = 12. So this is what I will be doing for the next 12 months. Now if you read my very first blog post, you know I like to go with the flow when it comes to training and other areas in life. However, I have designed a programme which I want to experiment with and see how my body adapts. I will be carb (Carbohydrate) cycling up until January and from there phase 2 will begin.

My plan is to start adding some muscle mass now that we are coming up to the winter months (and my top won’t be coming off LOL). As some of you may know, when you are trying to add muscle mass, fat is gained along with your new found muscle. I don’t mind this, but I’m not using it as an excuse to eat whatever I want (See Food Diet), get it, see it and eat it LOL. Hence why it’s called lean bulking. Eating clean 90% of the time, with the odd take away here and there but ensuring I keep my cardio in check. This should allow me to gain some nice mass but limit the fat gains.


NOW, what is carb cycling exactly?

Lot’s of people use this protocol differently and there is no right or wrong way really, it’s just what works best for you. I’ll give you an example of how I’ll be using it…

If I know I’m going to be doing cardio along with heavy weights, I will eat carbs through out the day to give me lots of energy. So by time I’m ready to workout, I’ll be fuelled with lots of energy and ready for a good pump.

However, if I know I’m going to be having a light session with maybe no cardio, my carb intake will be low for that day as won’t be needing all that energy. Make sense?

You see, carbs are used as energy and if you eat them through out the day but don’t find a means to burn them off, what do you think will happen? That’s right, they will be stored as fat.

So… what will I be replacing these carbs with on days I don’t train then? Fat! That’s right I said it, fat. Now remember, not all fats are bad fats. The fats I’m referring to are good fats (see my blog entry on good fats)

For protein, this will be staying the same every meal throughout all phases. I will be aiming for 1.5-2grams of protein for every pound of body weight. I weigh 160lbs. So a quick calculation:

160lbs x 1.5g =  240g of Protein

160lbs x 2g = 320g of Protein

So anywhere between these two is my sweet spot. I will try to stay towards the higher end, but nothing lower.


My workout programme is quite simple really. It’s called a body part split. The reason is, I will be training my body parts on different days, rather than training my whole body on one day. So I’ve spilt them up into groups across the week.

An example would be:

Monday – Legs

Tuesday – Back/Biceps/Abs/Cardio

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Chest/Triceps//Abs/Cardio

Friday – Boxing Circuit

Saturday – Shoulders/Abs/Cardio

Sunday – Rest

So as you can see, I am training my whole body in the week along with rest days.

Now this is just a rough guide line but a split which has always worked well for me.


My stack is quite simple as well. All these fancy supplements you see today are marketing, over hyped and a waste of money. “KISS” Keep It Simple Stupid” Now, I’m not calling no one out there stupid, I just want you to spend your money on something that’s actually going to benefit you, like say food for example!

Whey Protein

Creatine Monohydrate


Fish Oil/ Cod Liver Oil


On another blog post, I will discuss more on supplements and the science behind them.

I will also be posting up progress pictures along the way to see how I’m progressing.

Any questions just let me know.

Thanks for reading, Much Love!

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