Having others help you and doing it yourself…

Posted: Sep 1, 2012 in Motivation

Hey guys, how are you all today, hope everyone is well. Just a quick one this evening…

After a comment from a reader earlier today, it inspired me to write today’s topic. The message went a little something like this –

“Hang on, I’ve seen these pictures on chiseledice.com, and it says that Chiseled Ice trained you, so why are you promoting your services when you didn’t do it yourself?”

The pictures he’s referring to are the ones shown below when I went from fat to trim.

Now first and foremost, a big thanks to my friend/trainer Rob for his help. Everyone take a look at his website – chiseledice.com, he’s doing big things right now.

While I’m saying thank you, a big thank you to my boxing coach Dan who puts me through some intense circuits and ensures I stay focused.

A big thank you to Bobby Khan for his insight in bodybuilding, nutrition and training philosophies.

A big thank you to H from POW for believing in me and his training advice (check his site to) powerperformancegear.com

And a big thank you to all the guys in the gym who help push me everyday.

A big thank you to all the authors out there who put in work writing informative articles…The list really does go on.

Now the part that got me in this guys message was when he said “So why are you promoting your services when you didn’t do it yourself?”

Who’s done it for me then???

That’s like saying, all the clients that I’ve trained over the years didn’t do all that hard work themselves, I did. All the cardio sessions they went through, weight training circuits, eating every 2-3 hours, wasn’t anything on there part, all me.

I approved the message as I don’t feel I have anything to hide. In life, we all need motivation and help from others sometimes… I mean, who doesn’t?

No one can make you do anything. They can try and help you all they want, but no one can MAKE you do anything. A quote comes to mind – “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot force it to drink” Some food for thought there!

Like I said, today was just a quick one to put that out there.

Look out for more blog post next week. I will be posting up my new diet plan and workout routine.

Again, much love for the support and for reading. Stay Blessed!

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