Preparing Meals Ahead of Time

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Hello my good people. I hope you are all well.

I was at work today discussing meal plans with one of my colleagues and they felt that it wasn’t possible to stick to a healthy eating regime due to the lack of time preparing meals and how expensive it is to eat healthily. Funny enough, I’ve had this same conversation with a number of people on a number of occasions.

Now I understand where they are coming from as I use to feel and think exactly the same way. However, I wasn’t educated then, so how could I know better right?

So I decided to base today’s blog on “Preparing Meals Ahead of Time”.

First things first guys, eating healthily doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Come to think about it, I don’t even know where this misconception came from. I suppose if you call healthy eating, eating organically, then damn right it’s expensive! But to eat healthily doesn’t mean to eat organically; it means to eat foods which will benefit your mind, soul and body! Foods, which will communicate with your DNA, instructing your body and genes what to do at any given time. This is the level of knowledge I will be sharing with you guys.



I know today is about preparing meals ahead of time, but I felt it was important to touch up on this subject a little bit. In another blog post, I will go into more detail about eating healthily on a low budget.

Anyway, lets get back on track guys, I tend to go off on one sometimes LOL.

Now, sticking to a healthy eating plan is a lot easier than people think. Even for the guys working 8 hour shifts, plus over time, on top of gym and family life. REALLY?!? Some of you may think I’m joking here, but it’s possible. All it takes is some preparation…

I’ll give you an example…

Say Saturday morning, you took out some Chicken breast, enough to last you until lets say Wednesday. Season it with some herbs and spices and leave to marinade over night. Come Sunday evening, all the flavours have had time to marinade. Cook your chicken and that’s your protein source out the way.

Now for your Carbs (Carbohydrates), that’s your, rice, potatoes, pasta just to name a few! Cook them in bulk, enough to last until Wednesday. BAM! Again, you’re done! Keep everything refrigerated.

Now for vegetable’s, I wouldn’t recommend using the same method. I personally buy them frozen (still fresh) and microwave them at meal times. They take 2-4 minutes and there done.

Hmmm some of you are now thinking, OK, point made! BUT you are missing one thing…BREAKFAST.

C’mon guys, you can cook Breakfast in the morning. Or if you are on the go like me, they now sell packet oats! Wonderful! You can even opt for protein bars, protein shakes, meal replacement shakes, oat and fruit bars…The list really does go on. Come Tuesday, just repeat Saturday and continue through…

For snacks, I tend to go with nuts (good fats), protein bars and a bit of fruit.

Now this may take a little bit more effort of course (Prep and Cooking), but I’m sure the benefit of following this technique well outweighs the small effort on your part.

Further more, let’s look at some of the benefits.

1) You actually stick to a meal plan which is what a lot of people struggle with.

2) Save money as you don’t have to buy lunch everyday. Plus, a lot of the time you’re really paying for the packaging.

3) Achieve you’re goals as you are eating cleaner, looking leaner 😉

4) Avoid fast food at the last minute because you’re hungry but haven’t got anything prepared.

5) Know what you’re putting in your body, no preservatives, MSG, artificial colouring just to name a few.

6) Less Salt and Tran’s fats – Food producers and restaurant chefs use higher levels of salt and fat to make their products taste better to the consumer. Preparing meals at home allows you to control the amount of salt and oils you use in your recipes. This in turn reduces the possibility of weight gain and clogged arteries.

7) Balanced Meals – Taking the time to plan your weekly menu not only helps to save time and money, but also provides a way to create meals with a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat, plus all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for the adult and child’s body. When eating balanced meals your body feels satisfied, has fewer cravings and this in turn prevents late-night snacking.

8) Avoid Food poising – How do you know the person who prepared your food washed their hands properly after taking that number 2. LOL, seriously!

9) Better energy – Food can be healing medicine or it can deplete your energy and cause sickness and pain. We run a risk of giving our destiny to any chef who claims to know how to cook a pot of rice. He or she is in charge of who we are and what we feel and how we behave. That may sound dramatic, but the truth is that whoever is cooking is in charge of the people we become.

10) Become a better cook – Think about it! If you are doing this on a regular basis, you will start to know which herbs and seasonings work well with each other. You will know what you like and what you don’t like. In turn, this will allow you to enjoy your food a lot more as no one knows you more than you know yourself!


OK, I have gone on enough now, but I just wanted the message to reach home. I hope at least one personal reads this and thinks “I can actually do this”. As long as I help one person change their life style, I will slowly help others. Remember, a little preparation goes a long way.

Much Love, God Bless!

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