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Going with the flow

Posted: Aug 26, 2012 in Life, Motivation

Hey Guys,

Welcome, It’s my first post today and I decided to call it “Going with the flow”…

What has inspired me to write this…Life itself and learning that “Going with the flow” makes things a lot less complicated. This is new philosophy that I will live by…

You see, in everyday life, things change from day to day. One minute you might be happy, the next you may feel down. You might go from wanting to be a Doctor one day to wanting to be a Pilot the next, based upon new inspiration…

The message here is, “NOTHING” stays the same…

You see, I look in the mirror one day and think to myself “I look fat, I must start lowering my bodyfat”. Or, another day I might glimpse upon myself in the mirror and think “Damn I look good, I should start bulking up again”

Now based upon how your feeling at that time and your state of mind, determines your goal for the next 12 weeks…What if 6 weeks into your programme you look in the mirror and say to yourself “Wait a minute, I’m trying to get leaner but this diet and training programme aren’t working, I’m putting on fat rather than loosing it”

Do you:

A) Stick with the programme, because you have 6 weeks left

B) Start a new programme because this one clearly doesn’t work OR

C) Go with the flow and adjust accordingly

I find that way too many people stick to what is written on the paper rather than listening to their bodies and going with the flow.

If it’s a Monday and I have written on my programme “Leg day” but I finish work at 6pm after a long day and don’t feel like doing Legs, guess what, I WON’T TRAIN LEGS THAT DAY! Big deal, I’ll train them tomorrow! The body doesn’t know Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc. But guess what, it knows hard work and good nutrition.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to advocate “not” sticking to programmes, I mean, they are the foundation and structure of our training. However, don’t get too wrapped up.

Your diet programme might say, Tuesday is a high carb day, but come Tuesday, you feel bloated, do you:

A) Go ahead and proceed anyway because you “Hardcore”

B) Don’t eat for the whole day to get rid of the bloat OR

C) Go with the flow and adjust accordingly

I know which one I would pick…

All I’m trying to stress here guys is, don’t go so hard on yourselves.

So what? You missed a meal because circumstances never allowed you to eat at that given time.

So what? You never trained Legs today, train them tomorrow.

So what? You never got 16 reps and only managed ten, but you still went to failure right?

So remember, the next time things don’t go to plan, don’t stress, for that next workout is still taking you a step closer to your goal.

Hello world!

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Hey Guys,

I started this Blog for a number of reasons:

1) Help keep myself and others motivated

2) Share my knowledge with the World

3) Allow you to follow me on my journey into the Fitness Industry

I enjoy expressing myself and feel that the Internet has allowed me to do so in a much more creative way. Not only that, anyone in the world, at any given time can view my page to help inspire me or seek motivation.
If you find anything useful in my blog, please feel free to share (as long as you give me some credit) I look forward to a long journey with you guys.

Peace and Blessing